People Soup Issues - Volume VII

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The hard work of scanning these issues and putting them in a convenient PDF format for the web was done by Ed Inman. Ed notes, As a matter of full disclosure, while my People Soup collection was about 90 percent complete in 1996 when I set about to archive it, it was only through the efforts of former LRY Tacos Paul Pigman and Kathryn Price Nicdhàna as well as 1996-97 YRUU YPS David Taylor that I was able to find several missing issues & make it complete.

All issues are in PDF format.

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All issues of People Soup are © copyright Liberal Religious Youth in the respective year of their issue

Volume VII, Issue 1, 1979. 32 pages. U.N. Declaration of the Rights of the Child. Staff: Laurel Prager, Editor. Dave Williams, Gretchen, Jones, Cherl Maroff, Skot Davis, Sparkey Williamson, Peter Sasowsky. Contributors: Jessie Fulton, Doug Strong, Denise Lewis, Robert C. Carr, Joan Goodwin, Rev. Wayne Arnason, Pat Simon, James Olson, Gretchen Jones, Shirley Lund, Dave Williams, Colin MacDougal, Pepsi Nusbaum, Cheryl Markhoff, Bob Rowell, Susan Finley, Keith Hefner. Art Credits: Jarry Johnson, Jack Bunder, Maggie, Gretchen Jones, George Harris, Laurel Prager, Valerye Davey, Cheryl Maroff. Personals. Children Behind Bars, by Jessie Fulton. When i the Logo Not the Logo? The Child is the Father of the Man, Some Thoughts on the Paradox of Parenting, Rev. Douglas Morgan Strong. Year of the Child. Little Drug Addicts. No More Swedish "Bastards". Don't Get Stuck! by Denise Lewis. Spirituality? What About it? Consultant on Youth Programs. You Have Reason To Be Alarmed If (warning signs of child abuse). Amnesty Update. Military Discharge Upgrades. IYC: Get Involved. On the Road to Dusty Gulch Savings and Loan. The Art of Babysitting. Con-Con 79. The New Executive Committee, by David Williams. Feds Ups and Downs. LRY Winter Boards. 1979 LRY Board Meetings. Poetry by Colin MacDougal, Pepsi Nusbaum, Steve Bumgardner, Skot Davis, Bob Rowell. A Unique Experience - International Religious Fellowship, by Dave Ogden. Starting or Better Organizing Youth Groups. Bio-Feedback Monitor. Youth Suicides. Do You Remember? Kiss Daddy Goodnight, by Susan Finley. Meet Mr. Yuk. How Children Die. Class Sruggle. A Special Relationship. ISMs in Children's Books.

Volume VII, Issue 2, 1980. 12 pages. Conformity Staff: Julienne Farman. Mark Huntley, Gretchen Jones, Cheryl Markoff, Liza Updike, Boyd Watters, Dave Willams. Contributors: Cheryl Markoff, Liza Updike, Dave Williams, Mark Huntley, Erica McDonald, Jamie Nathanson, Steve Woodbridge, Boyd Watters, Nada Velimirovic, Gretchen Jones, Helen E. Buckley. Conformity in High School by Boyd Watters. Personals. Conformity in LRY by David Williams. Youth Day Is Here to Stay. Have You Ever Considered Suicide, by Cheryl Markoff. Binding Myself Up, by Liza Updike. There are Alternatives to Suicide. The Price of Creativity by Stephen Woodbridge. What Coalition? What Could Possibly Be More Exciting. Fed's Up's. Cultural Relativity by Tlim Greek. Poetry by Erica McDonald, Helen Buckley, Jamie Nathanson.

Volume VII, Issue 3, 1980. 12 pages. Staff: Julie Farman, Editor. Gretchen Jones, David Williams, Nina Martin, Jack Bunker, Katrinca. Contributors: Gary Sawyer, Lynn Talbott, Sarah Snow, Julie-Ann Silberman, Abbe Bjorklund, Jennifer Brett, Maida Sunley, Kim, Margo Hobbs, Lisette Puhs, Rebecca MacDougall, Kevin Hale, Kuwan I. Davis Williams, Julie Farman, Gretfchen Jones, Nina Martin, Francis Keener, Adele L. Logan, Jule the Angel, Lisa Ernst, David Chess. Art Credits: Lynn Talbot, Itty Newhaus, Martha Lynch, Julie Farman. Creativity by Kimberly Russo. Personals. Fed's Ups and Downs. The Beautiful Sufi's Fish Dinner, A Modern Day Sufi Story, by Gary Sawyer. Silkscreen the Wrong Way, by Gretchen Jones. Poetry, Lisette Fuhs, Rebecca MacDougall, Kim, Margo Hobbs, Kevin Hale, Kuwan I., Tavi, David M. Chess, Paul Francis Keener, Lisa Ernst, Jule the Angel, Adele L. Logan, Rebecca MacDougall. Some Questions and Answers About the Draft, by Maida Sunley and Julie Farman. Biofeedback Monitor System. Continental Conference 1980. Cover by Lynn Talbott. Funny, You Don't Look Like a Taco: Julie Farman and Nina Martin. GA Albuquerque, by David Williams.

Volume VII, Issue 4, 1980. 12 pages. A History of the UU Youth Movements by Rev. Wayne Arnason. Personals. Fed's Ups and Downs. Focus: J. D. Dareya. Not Top 40. Poetry by Lisa Ernst, Julie-Ann Silberman, Melissa Drake Tapp, Betsy Bouche, Clarie Loe, Lindsey Monser. Games for Small Groups, by Julie Farman. Biofeedback Monitor System. Alternatives to Registration, by Dave Williams. A UU Voice on National Radio.

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