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Websites and Blogs has the Special Committee on Youth Programs to the UUA Board of Trustees, which was established in 1976. It has also Common Ground I, The Report of the 1981 UUA Youth Assembly Planning Committee and Common Ground II of 1982. The link to the UUA web site 15 Year Review is non-functional and isn't archived in the Internet Web Archive/Wayback Machine. Other currently non-functional links are to audio by Chuck Rosene, Leon Hopper, Richard Kassow, Wayne Arnason, Adam Auster, Nada Velimirovic, Rebecca Scott, Maura McGill. Those audio documents appear to have been from the 2003 General Assembly's Panel on LRY and YRUU history. has also a paper by Lela Sinha, UU Youth History. The paper includes an intro, a guide to how the UUA is structured, her story, UU history, and then the UU Youth Story. The UU Youth Story includes a timeline, summary, UU history before LRY, early LRY history, LRY from 61 to 69, LRY from, 69 to 83, an analysis of SCOYP's findings, an analysis of what others thought, her findings, YRUU's inheritance, Beyond UUism and a glossary.

The LRY Memorial Room is maintained by former Tacos and People Soup editors, Kathryn Price and Paul Pigman. has pics

The LRY reminiscences of Colin Pringle (1952 Sept 21 to 2003 Nov 1). Colin maintained a large website on 60s-70s counter-culture, which has been preserved.

YRUU Institional Memory Project, maintained by the YRUU Steering Committee from 2007-2008, has posts by Duncan Metcalfe, Ben Alexander, Rev. Dr. Daniel O'Connell, Tim Fitzgerald and Heather Vail, Lorne Tyndale, Peter Campbell, Tim Fitzgerald, Eric Swanson, Will Floyd, and Matt Moore. has the same appearance as the YRUU Institutional Memory Project but different archives for Feb 2008 to Dec of 2009. Those posts include a now defunct survey, a Sept 13 2008 letter from Bill Sinkford on the end of YRUU, posts concerning the Steering Committee and the Board of Trustees, the end of C*UUYAN funding, and others.

The site, operated by Lorne Tyndale, is no longer functional. When it was up it had a survey as well as some district archives from Thomas Jefferson, Western Canada, Pacific Southwest, Pacific Northwest, Metro NY and Central Midwest. The Web Archive/Wayback Machine has only archived the index page.

The Youth and Young Adult Empowerment blog was maintained by Victoria Mitchell and Kimberlee Tomczak during 2008 and has 9 posts from February to July.

Groups on the Web

The LRY Reunion Group on Facebook.


We Would Be One: The History of the Unitarian Universalist Youth Movements by Wayne Arnason and Rebecca Scott. From the Amazon Book Description: We Would Be One is a fascinating story, not only of our youth movement but also of the leadership that youth have provided our faith over time. This story demonstrates the importance of investing in partnerships between youth and adults. It also illustrates that youth provide a vibrant, cutting edge and prophetic voice that keeps Unitarian Universalism vital and alive. Arnason and Scott weave a tale that includes famous UU personalities from the past, present and future, and present all of us with a challenge to help write the next chapter. -- Michael Tino, Director, Young Adult and Campus Ministry, UUA

Off-line Resources

Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School has an extensive collection of LRY documents. The dates indicate it also appears to have some documents preceding LRY. None of these are on microfiche or digitized. All are available for view by appointment.

Lorne Tyndale, YRUU Programmes Specialist from Sept '93 through August '94, writes that the Meadville Lombard Library is a resource for YRUU archives, with materials donated by Lorne that have been put into their collection and catalogued.