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The hard work of scanning these issues and putting them in a convenient PDF format for the web was done by Ed Inman. Ed notes, As a matter of full disclosure, while my People Soup collection was about 90 percent complete in 1996 when I set about to archive it, it was only through the efforts of former LRY Tacos Paul Pigman and Kathryn Price Nicdhàna as well as 1996-97 YRUU YPS David Taylor that I was able to find several missing issues & make it complete.

All issues are in PDF format.

All issues of People Soup are © copyright Liberal Religious Youth in the respective year of their issue

People Soup Vol. I 1973-74
People Soup Vol. II 1974-75
People Soup Vol. III 1975-76
People Soup Vol. IV 1976-77
People Soup Vol. V 1977-78
People Soup Vol. VI 1978-79
People Soup Vol. VII 1979-80
People Soup Vol. VIII thru X, 1980 thru 1982

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