People Soup Issues - Volume II

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The hard work of scanning these issues and putting them in a convenient PDF format for the web was done by Ed Inman. Ed notes, As a matter of full disclosure, while my People Soup collection was about 90 percent complete in 1996 when I set about to archive it, it was only through the efforts of former LRY Tacos Paul Pigman and Kathryn Price Nicdhàna as well as 1996-97 YRUU YPS David Taylor that I was able to find several missing issues & make it complete.

All issues are in PDF format.

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All issues of People Soup are © copyright Liberal Religious Youth in the respective year of their issue

Volume II, Issue 1, 1974. 12 pages. Cover Art by Cathy Carney; Gay Rap by Patches; On Andrew James Phelps, by S. R. Wilcox; Personals: To Elliot Kolner from Rachel Stark, to John D. L. Rosett from Layni Martin, to Steve Marona, Nashville Way-Station, to Beth Miller from Wayne, to JLD from Phelps and Steve, SRW to PGC, Raggedy A to B.E., S.R. to K.O., Maury to Kelly Z., Rachell Chinitz to Sheldon Sands, Bto Bill C. from D., D. Knight, to L.R. from D. K., Richie L., Morning Dew Associates (Kevin Bell, Ken Dermota, John and Jim Warring). Illustration by Kim; Yoga at Continental; Illustration by Kelly; All is Fun, The Wind is Still as Death, As the Days Go On I Feel Like a Lazy Man, The Honey Bee, poetry by Tommy; Letter from Marrion Blaum DYF; Poem and drawing by Kim Trippsmith; Monday and the Crisis, by Sunsan F; seems to be a photo of Tommy Falkowski?; Continental Conference '74 with photos by Matthew Easton; Thank You from David Innes; A Day in the Life by Meg Ragan; Poem by Doug Wurtz; On Silk Screening, by Meg Ragan; Conformity in LRY by Sunan Fabrick; Someday, poem by Sunsan; Alternative Vocations by Dick Schwass; An LRY Symbol; Diversity Has no Symbol by Alan Trachtenberg; Free Symbols by Even Dresl; Detroit Catholic Paper Fires Gay Columnist; Legislating Morality Gets Expensive; LRY comic; Biofeedback Moniter System: missives from Nina West, Wayne Forester, Millie Wombat Jr., Milo Velimirovic, Bill Cameron, Arlee Barr, Daniel Eaton Pontlarge, Helen Kuester, Jeff Barnes, Elena Herrschaft, Ben Alexander; Drawing by Lara; Blooming, poem by Billy Grassis; Myth, poem by Arlee Barr; Ham-let, poem by Arlee Barr; Rebirth of Democracy, poem by Carol Suzanne Leshof; Poem for Brad, by Arlee Barr; Solitary Reflections, poem by Ellen Brice; Illustration with words by C. Monson and art by Julie Reynolds, synthesis by M. Easton; Art by Nira; 1975 Summer Bots by S. R. Wilcox; She is, poem by Billy Grassie; Rara Avis, poem by Arlee Barr; Time, poem by Chris Lonehon; Munchkins in Action by A.I.; Munchkin Patrol Reporting For Duty, Sir! by Kyle Knapp; Hymn of the LRY Board of Trustees by Adam Auster; Crosy, Stills, Nash and Young Record Review by Warren Saunders; The Awakening, Book Review by Maddie Keeve; The Gay Caucus by Patches; The 1975 Bridgeman Summer Conference June 30-July 6 Better Known as the "Fuck, Yes!!" Conference, by Joy Marshal; Fed. Ups & Downs; Why Boycott Gallo Wines; We Have Moved to a New Location; Who Says Good Vibrations Don't Come Out of Boards; Are you 264, 384, 464, by Layni Martin.

Volume II, Issue 2, 1975. 12 pages. Cover Art by Julie Voyce; Its The Amerikanadian Way by Bill Cameron; Personals: from Adam, from Morning Dew Associates (Dan, David, Joh, John, Mike & Terry), from Bagels to Shelley S., from Glaucus Murphy, from Daniel Pentlarge, from Danny, from Linda to Reefer Man, to Martha Mann, from Mrs. W. Ewing to William Ewing, Tammy Moran, from George Bigosie, from Warped to G. L., from Suzan Buis to John Beebe-Center, from Goldie Lox, from Kathy Ogawa to Michael Rubin, from John to Layni, from Ben Alexander, from Wendy Vogl, from John Beene-Center, from Vain, from Victoria to Grasshopper, from Beverly to Kate Hancock, from Ellen to Adam A., from Ellen to Alex R., from Scott C., from S. R. N., from Victoria Gilbert to Richard Johnson, from Flash,from Leslie M. to Rob H., from Mike Holland-Moritz, Steve in Nashville; Youth Caucus Committee Wants You; Note from the Editors; Ideas, by Regina Wooden; Alternative Education Packet; Love You, poem by J. J. Flash; Letter from Linda; On Affiliation, by John G. Beebe-Center III; Biofeedback Monitor System: missives from Maria Fleming Tymocqko, Dion DiMucci, Wayne Forrester and Craig Sieben, Victoria Gilbert, Ritch Turner, Maddie Keeve, Emilie Blattman, Stasha M., Penny Waters; Department of Redundancy Department; Patches; Program, Poverty Dinner; Social Action; Worship Service reading by Barbara Judy, Emmy Dennis, Bargie Dennis and Wendy Judy; Lara Stahl profile; David Knight profile; Stephen R. Wilcox profile; Beverly K. Treumann profile; I Married a Teenage Youth Group from Outer Space, by Bill Cameron; Reflexive Committed Report on Directorvesses; A Modern Morality Play; Adam Auster's Affiliation Article; Adult Themes: Youth Realities by Lara Stahl; To your Plants, poem by LMR (?), Poem by Ellen Bruce, Poem by Reena Shimp; Urban Service Experience info; Fed Ups & Downs; Warren Sanders record review of Richard Betts' Highway Call; Bill Cameron's book review of John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath.

Volume II, Issue 3, Feb 1975. 12 pages. Feb. 75. THIS ISSUE: HOW TO DO IT! Cover Art by Bev Treumann. Staff for the issue: Warren Senders, Lou Diehl, Lara, Stahl, Veb Treumannk, David Knight. Racisim in Boston: What LRYers Can Do, by Henry (illegible). Personals: Sue B. to Lianne, David, Fal, Eric, Lelie; Peter B. Godfrey; Emily Nalven; Joy Marshal from Even; Pearl Laurie Knight; Jeanne Lee; Patches; Cathy Carney; Peggy Clarke and Connie McNeal and Jack Lofton from Nitzig; Leslie M. to John Beebe-Center; Carol Enkler; J. L. Doyle to John Beebe-Center; Jane Laura Doyle to Dermotosis; Nashville; Mark to Linda; Quim to Rabbit; Pam; Liane Mckayle; Beverly to Perrin. Can you Define LRY? Slide Show. No Symbol. Affiliation Article. Biofeedback Monitor: Regina Wooden; J.Q.M.; Liz Ferry; Sunday Harris; Ellen Popenoe; Valerie Bloch. Patches. Horsey Service. Book review of "Getting Clear: Body Work for Women". Program. Poetry by Lou Diehl, Richard Terrass, Sunsan Fabrick, Kristie Musick, Leslie Morgan,C. Woolcock. Get Involved Now by Adam Auster. Has Social Activism Gone Out of Style. Indochina, Still America's War. Deportation Threatens Vietnamese Students. End the War-Heal the Wounds. Fed Ups & Downs. Arkglow on Godarful. The Clearinghouse.

Volume II, Issue 4, April 1975. 16 pages. April 75. SPECIAL THIS ISSUE: SUMMER CAMPS & CONFERENCE DIRECTORY. Cover Art by Rich Knowlton. Staff: Anne Goodwin, Lara Stahl, Paul Pigman, David Knight, Gev Treumann, Lynn Rubenstein, Bill Cameron, Liane McKayle. J. C., Disguised as a Rat, Mumbles About Familes. Personals - Lianne K. from Lynn; Audrey; Ms. Knight; David the Taco Knight; Lynn to Sally; Linda Reilly to Mack; David the K. to T-Jay; Paul; Vic Solarte; Helen Kuester; Carthy Carney; Flash. Youth Caucus G.A. Orientation. UU-UN Youth Seminar. Something New! A Slide Show. An Organized LRY? The Begatting of the Exec. Calm, by John Beebe-Center. Biofeedback Monitor System: Richard S. Terrass; Bill Cameron; Arlee Barr; Dolly and Olivin Holmes; Art by Doll Holmes. The State of the Union. The Buy-Centennial, by Victor Eleftherakis and Bill Cameron. Summer Camps and Conference Directory. Horsery Service. Program? Social Actions: World Hunger. Amnesty International. Deportation Threatens Vietnamese Students. Urban Service Experience. LRY Speaks at Press Conference. Petry by Jan Stone, Roger Tery Peterson, Greg Smith, Deanna, Heather, Carol Suzanne Lashof, David Krens, Arlee Barr, Steven L. Gradman, Jane Pemberton. Book Review of "Work Force". Red Ups & Downs. Boomerang, Planting the Seeds of Social Change.

Volume II, Issue 5, May 1975. 16 pages. May 75. Cover Art by . Poetic License by Becky Muckenthaler. Personals: Wendy Judy to Paula Rose and Ritch Turner; To Celeste from Emilie the Bitch; Sigrid from Rick; Paul Pigman from GWAF and Tammy; Dan McFarland; Sandra Ewing; Kelly Godeck; Linda from T.M.; Tammy to S.R. W.; Steve to Jane M.; Wendy to Bill C.; Sandy to Bill; Wendy to Bob DeLob; Tammy to S.R.W.; T.M. to Linda. Ramifications in the L.R.Y. Experience, Highly Subjective Article, by Bill Cameron. Book Review of "America's Birthday". Biofeedback Monitor System: Laura Knight; Suzy; and (uh-huh) Henry Kissinger. Horsey Service. Program! by David Knight and Bev Tremann. Wee Pals comic from PPS, magazine of young people's liberation. A Case for Youth in Revolt. The Youth Caucus is Here by Lara Stahl. Whose Responsibility? by Lynn Rubinstein. Views of a UUA Board Member by William A. Donovon. Memories from General Assemblies, Marti Gudmundson. The Colossal Family Picnic. An Omission? Report on A Conference on Women by M. Keeve. JAF Tries Again. Counter Offensive Against Corporate Rule by Ven Tremann and Darien Delu. PBC. Jobs Now! by Beverly Treumann. Poetry by Kristie Musick, Lisa Robinson, LMR, Richard L. Art by Gabrielle and R.L. Fed Ups & Downs. LRY Comix.

Volume II, Issue 6, August 1975. 12 pages. August 75. Cover Art by ? Clarifying Basic Questions (What is L.R.Y.?) by Beverly Treumann. LRY Autonomy by Beverly Treumann. Statement to Inform. What Berlitz Won't Teach You by Sandy Rosenberg. A Fool's Reflection of the LRY Experience by Timmer Feldhausen. The Clearinghouse. Smoking Dope by Peter Halven. Dope Games People Play. Ideas. U.U.S.C. Hunger Packet. What to do? Available LRY Publications. This Side Up. The Time is Now by Lynn Rubinstein. In Search of Advisors, by Sandy Rosenberg. Advisor's Union. Keeping the Balance, from the Advisor's Handbook by Betty Adams. Fed Ups & Downs.

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