People Soup Issues - Volume VI

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The hard work of scanning these issues and putting them in a convenient PDF format for the web was done by Ed Inman. Ed notes, As a matter of full disclosure, while my People Soup collection was about 90 percent complete in 1996 when I set about to archive it, it was only through the efforts of former LRY Tacos Paul Pigman and Kathryn Price Nicdhàna as well as 1996-97 YRUU YPS David Taylor that I was able to find several missing issues & make it complete.

All issues are in PDF format.

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All issues of People Soup are © copyright Liberal Religious Youth in the respective year of their issue

Volume VI, Issue 1, October 1978. 12 pages. Kaleidoscope. Staff (largely illegible). Business Resolution on Youth. Fed's Ups and Downs. Know Your P.A.C. by Nanda Vimiorovic. The Pentagon Capers. The Spirit of Community. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. What's in a Name? Live and Learn by Chris Granda. Summer Boards. Social Actions, Director-in-the-Field. New, Improved Executive Committees. New LRY Symbol. Pass the Buck, by Denise Lewis. International Religious Fellowship. Poetry. Continental Conference 1978 - A Kaleidoscope of Growth and Change, by Daniel Hessler. Prison Conversion is Olympic Subversion by Susan Buis. Crossword. Is it Soup Yet? Writing an Article, by Katrina.

Volume VI, Issue 2, January 1979. 12 pages. Environment. Staff (largely illegible). Greenpeace by Cheryl Markoff. Personals. Fed's Ups and Downs. Would You Buy a Youth Program From These People? Denise, Shelley, Nada Velimirovic, Katrinca. Interns Come Out of the Closet. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. Pen Power by Jennifer Brett. Get Off Your Can, by Licia Peterson. Bio-Economics, by Ted Altenberg. The Alcan Two-Step Or You Can Get There From Here. Georges Bank. Everything's Up to Date, by Denise Lewis. Poetry by Gwen Masterman, John Fabian, Renne Baird, Laurie Yonis, Denis Kramer, Desperado. Alternative Energy by Ted Altenberg. Uni...What? by Nada Velimirovic. Crossword.

Volume VI, Issue 3, March 1979. 16 pages. Communities. Staff: Katrinca, Editor. Nada Velimirovic, Denise Lewis, Shelley Cantrill, Dave Williams, Laurel Prager, Cheryl Markoff, Ronald Gehrmann, Paul Lieberman, Arlin Roy, Ted Altenburg, David Steele, George Marshall, Margie. Art Credits: Denise Lewis, Nada Velimirovic, Nina West, Tom Perchlik. Twin Oaks, by Paul Lieberman. Personals. Nothing Works (Perfectly) by Arlin Roy. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. International Religious Fellowship by Ronald Gehrmann. The Seed Beneath the Snow by Dave Dellinger. Dave Dellinger, Portrait of an Activist, by Ted Altenburg. Community Affirmation. Feds Ups and Downs. Questioning Your Community, by Cheryl Markoff. Greenpeace Update. Poetry by Valerye Davey, Clo Parlantoe, Robert Coles, Laurel. UU-UN Seminar. Decisions, Decisions. Youth Caucus, by D. Williams. 25 And We're Still Alive, by Denise Lewis. Mid-Year Budget. Rough Draft by Nada I. Velimirovic. Conference Communities by David Williams. Advisor's Recipe! by David Steele. DLF-A Church To Talk With You, by George Marshall. Games People Play: Knots, Darling if You Love Me, Zoom, Impromtu, Trust Circle, Interlock, Ha-ha.

Volume VI, Issue 4, May 1979. 16 pages. Alternative Education. Staff: Laurel Prager, Editor. Denise Lewis, nada Velimirovic, Cheryl Markoff, Licia Petrson, Jim Bumgardner, Paul Pigman, Barbara Dykes, Bob Rowell, N. Cochrane, Val Mentall, Chris Grans. Art Credits: Jay Loftis, Stacy, Sarah Hagan, Jim Bumgardner, Nada Velimirovic. Photographs: Bill Gagnon. How Schools Fail Us by N. Cochrane. Personals. Fed's Ups and Downs. Education: What Do YOu Believe. Personal Experiences in Alternative Education. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. Religions and Cults by Bob Rowell. Poetry. Youth Caucus. Summer Boards. Publications Available from LRY. Seeker and the Sage by Jim Bumgardner. And You Thought Your School Was a Prison. International Religious Fellowship. Kiss a Taco Today: Cheryl, Laurel.

Volume VI, Issue 5, 1979. 20 pages. People. Staff: Laurel Prager, editor. Nada Velimirovic, Denise Lewis, Cheryl Markoff, Julie Farman (rest largely illegible). Dialogue on Peace, Skot Davis. Personals. The New England Convocation to Reverse the Arms Race. I Ain't Gonna Pay For War No More. Assault on Salt II, by Revl Phillip Zwerling. Handbuns: We Can Live Without Them. Audio Visual Resources. Wishing Upon a Star, by Julie Sakariason. An Interview with Pat Simon, by Julie Farman. Where were You on April 29th? Peactime in the United States. Move Over Neptune. 10 Month Budget Statement. By The Time We Got to Washington, We Were 100,000 Strong. So You Want a Resolution? by Nada Velimirovic. What Did Youth Say, by Lane Betz. Business Resolution in Support of Youth Programs. Poetry by Paul Francis Keener, Dan McConald, Alyson Berry. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. Conscientious Objector Card. One Nation, Invisible, by Jennifer Brett. Guidelines for Small Groups to Raise Consciousness About Living in the Nuclear Age. Learning to be Nonviolent, by Jennifer Brett. Singing in the Rain, Phebe Dodyk. LRY Coalition Against Nuclear Proliferation.Shoreham, A Scenario of Events, Jennifer Brett. Strategies to Reverse the Arms Race.

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