People Soup Issues - Volume V

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The hard work of scanning these issues and putting them in a convenient PDF format for the web was done by Ed Inman. Ed notes, As a matter of full disclosure, while my People Soup collection was about 90 percent complete in 1996 when I set about to archive it, it was only through the efforts of former LRY Tacos Paul Pigman and Kathryn Price Nicdhàna as well as 1996-97 YRUU YPS David Taylor that I was able to find several missing issues & make it complete.

All issues are in PDF format.

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All issues of People Soup are © copyright Liberal Religious Youth in the respective year of their issue

Volume V, Issue 1, November 1977. 20 pages. Power to the People. Staff: Shelley Cantril, Paul Pigman, Wendy O'Donnell, Abbe Bjorklund, Barbara Dykes, John Rosett, Susan Buis, Chris Blaisdell, Glenn Cooper, Terry Herron, Sean deLeubenfels, Eric Joselyn, Carol Hoffman, Nona Dayton, Jennifer Shaw. Art Credits: Shelley Cantril, Maggie Dale, Bill Kats, C.T., Bob Davis, David Innes, Jewelly Benjamin. How Mass Media Distort the News, by Liv. Personals. Youth Causcus at UU-GA. Artist Profile: David Innes. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. Youth: An Oppressed Minority, Susan Buis. Issues for a Small Planet, Barbara Dykes. Empowerment, by Twilly. Alternatives in Transportation, Shelley. Creative Power, Shell. Trust and Sensitivity Exploration, 10 Exercises. What is Your Faith, Abbe Bjorklund. International Religious Fellowship. New Directions in Youth Programming. Metamorphosis: The Social Integration of Self, Continental 77. Poetry. 77-78 Executive Committee: Abbe Bjorklund, Shelley Cantril, Barbara Dykes. Summer Boards. Judiciary Committee Report. Poetry by Wendy Vogl, Lisette Ruhs, Susan Goodstein, Katie Walker, Rachel Leah, Robert Campbell, Wendy. Prose by Gordon Klement. Frogmore is No More, Susan Buis. World Hunger by Abbe Bjorklund. Reflections of Taco Villa.

Volume V, Issue 2, 1977. 12 pages. Abortion Staff largely illegible. The Status of Legal Abortion, Susan Goodstein. Personals. Biofeedback Monitor System. Abortion: The Medical Procedures, by Susan Buis. Picketing, Susan Goodstein. Poverty and Abortion, Thoughts of a Social Worker, Margaret Dykes. Vasectomy by John Rosett. A Religious View of Abortion, Abbe Bjorklund. Abortion and the UUA. IRF. The Right to Life, Address Given by Hon. Henry J. Hyde. LRYers take Action. Earth Mother by Liz Benjamin. Population Pressure by Barbara Dykes. Ask Barbara. Reflections of Taco Villa. Abortion in Massachusetts by Wendy O'Donnell. A Decade of Reform. Fed's Ups and Downs.

Volume V, Issue 3, 1978. 16 pages. Spirituality. Staff: Shelley Cantrill, Abbe Bjorklund, Susan Buis, Barbara Dykes, John Rosett, Paul Pigman, Bob Davis. Art Credits: Bob Davis, Lyr Benjamin, Julie Benjamin, Ellie O'Neal, Bill Kates, Wendy O'Donnell, Keith Larson, Stacy Benford, Karim, Moira Doyle, Shelley Cantril, Adam Jones, David Innes. LRY-UUA Parallels by Abbe Bjorklund. Personals. Bio-feedback Monitor System. Worship by Barbara Dykes. Ask Barbara. The Universal Force by Warren Senders. Women in Religion - Wendy O'Donnell. New Publications from LRY. Life in Taco Villa. Spirituality as a Way of Life, Amber Ward. Do You Know, Susan Buis. How To...Youth Sunday, Abbe Bjorklund. IRF. Youth Caucus. LRY Purposes. Feds' Ups and Downs. Mergers. Poetry by Paul Pigman, Brenda Holmes, Jeffrey Stuart Weis, Addie Hollinsed. U-Uism: A Personal View, by John Atadan. Yes, Virginia, There are Winter Boards. Federation Map and Contacts. Unaffiliated Locals.

Volume V, Issue 4, April 1978. 20 pages. Staff: Shelley Cantril, Abbe Bjorklund, Susan Buis, Barbara Dykes, Val Davey, Ted Altenburg, Eldridge Davis, Moira Doyle, John Rosett, Susan Goodstein, Glenn Cooper, Jodi Hildebrandt, Bill, Eric Joselyn, Devin Young, Mark, Denise Lewis, Bruce Johnson, Denise Dykes, Paul Pigman, Adam Jones. Art: Shelley Cantril, Adam Jones, Carol, Wendy O'Donnell, Eric Joselyn, Moira Doyle, Gretchen Jones, Paul Pigman. Bombs Away, by Moira Doyle. Personals. Feds Ups and Downs. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. Budget Report. Education. UU-UN Youth Seminar. How To Make an Under-Ground Newspaper. Youth Liberation. No Nukes. Youth Programming. LRY Programs! LRY Publications. Parallels. Book Reviews. Youth-Adult Committee Response. Ask Barbara. Group Dynamics. What is Youth Caucus? What is General Assembly. IRF. The Status Quo in UU Youth Programs: No Quick Solutions, Adam Auster. Poetry by Connie Maschan, Alice Hughes, Chris Tetzloff, Jennifer Brett, Wendell. UU High School Groups not affiliated with LRY.

Volume V, Issue 5, July 1978. 20 pages. Staff illegible. Self-Determination by Shelley Cantril. Personals. Bio-feedback Monitor System. Fed Ups and Downs. Results of SCOYP Questionaire. LRY's Ideas on Youth Programming. Proposals for LRY Summer Boards. Youth Advisor's Newsletter. LRY Funding, by Susan Buis. New from LRY in publications. Youth Adult Committees by Abbe Bjorklund. UUA General Assembly. Youth Resolution, Abbe Bjorklund. Youth Leadership by Barbara Dykes. LRY symbols. Executron. Poetry by Brian Benedlin, Kenneth Kohler, Love, Connie Maschan. Only You Can Save Alaska! by Moira Doyle. Dope Games People Play.

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