People Soup Issues - Volume III

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The hard work of scanning these issues and putting them in a convenient PDF format for the web was done by Ed Inman. Ed notes, As a matter of full disclosure, while my People Soup collection was about 90 percent complete in 1996 when I set about to archive it, it was only through the efforts of former LRY Tacos Paul Pigman and Kathryn Price Nicdhàna as well as 1996-97 YRUU YPS David Taylor that I was able to find several missing issues & make it complete.

All issues are in PDF format.

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All issues of People Soup are © copyright Liberal Religious Youth in the respective year of their issue

Volume III, Issue 1, October 1975. (NOTE: Legibility wasn't as good for the copy of this issue as far as reliably reading people's names and so I don't include many.) 12 pages. Autumn 75. Cover Art by Ricarado Levine. Staff; Cathy Carney, Retta Hendricks, David Knight, Lara Stahl, Wendy ODonnell, Sandy Rosenberg, Lynn Rubinstein, Jennifer Shaw, Lara Stahl, Richard Taeuber, Carlotta Woolcock. A Canuck and a Yankee in Uncle Gerry's Court by Mack Truck. Persoals: Kim Miller to Kevin Bell, Cathy Carney, Allen P.; Pierre to S.V.B.; Jack Lofton from Billy; Jill Hubbell; Warren; Vickie; B.C. and R.F. Evergreen; Liz Ferry; Chris Young; David Innes from Mary and Linda; Dona F. from Gretchen; Sandy Rosenberg; Becy Beattie; J.S. to Scott; Not Warped to G.L.; Cathy from Susan; Kathy from Richard Taeuber. Social Action News. Want to Get Involved in Social Actions? S-1, Reform or Repregssion? Mr. Faggot. Help Eagle Bay! Biofeedback Monitor System. Poetry. A Community of People. Reflections, by Kim Miller. Summer Boreds, by Lynn Rubinstein, Jennifer Shaw and Carlotta Woolcock. Recollections by Lara, Bev and David. Program! Financial Report. Profile of Jennifer Shaw, Director of Publications. Profile of Richard Taeuber, Director of Extension and Leadership Development. Profile of Carlotta Woolcock, Director of Programatic Development. Profile of Lynn Rubinstein, Director of Business Affairs. Opik 75 by Laura Shapiro. Spotlight on PSLRY by Cathy Carney. Dear Ya'll, Frieda Reilly. Fed's Ups & Downs.

Volume III, Issue 2, December 1975. December 75. 12 pages. Cover Art by Cathy Carney. Staff: Gary Decker, Erin Freedman, Retta Hendricks, Wendy O'Donnell, Sandy Rosenberg, Lynn Rubinstein, Jennifer Shaw, Doug Webb, Carlotta Woolcock. Let the Flame Spread by Liv. Personals: Gretchen to Hinrichs; Kate Peters; Rachell to Kim Miller; Carolyn Osborn; Rachel to J.D. and Gabriel; Richard A-Z Holtz; Weasel; Pam Gilman from Carhy Carney; Bong Jee Joe Center; R. Pie to Jules and Babes; Johana from Ramous Anous; Karen C. from Rachell; Mark of Omaha; Betsy O. from C.W.; Phil Cullison and Bell Metcalf; Lynn to Bill C.; Karen C. from Rachell; Julie Hoffman to Bob Delob; Jules and Babs to R. Pie; Waldo Kasnedski to Robbie; Jack Lofton from Karen; Cathy Dickerson from Shelly Landon; Shelly from Uncle Adolph; Nan Robsey. Constructive Openness. Biofeedback Monitor System: Carol Frances, Richard Taeuber, Anne Gillespie, Ricardo Levens. Yes Virginia There Is Life After LRY by Rachel Burke. L.R.Y. A Subjective Analysis by Lynn Rubinstein. Create a Criminal, a Do it Yourself Kit, by Barbara Davenport. Ralph Nader: Youth Power and Activism, by Cathy Carney. Program! Why I Changed My Name, by Liv. Poetry by Leigh Taylor, Mary Joan, Liv, Jennifer Lane. Fed's Ups and Downs. Can 1984 Be Legislated?

Volume III, Issue 3, February 1976. La Creme de People Soup. 24 pages. Cover Art by Retta Hendricks. Staff: Wayne Arnason, Timmer Feldhousen, Maggie Dale, Lynn Rubinstein, Sandy Rosenberg, Marti Gudmundson, Gary Decker, Carlotta, Woolcock, Jennifer Shaw, Ellen Popenoe. Personals: Carlotta, Jenniefer, Gary, Rachel, Randy Margaret to Andy And Michel J., Mary Beth Heine, Cranston Snord to Sigrid and K.C. and Dick P., Dave and Hat and Sue, Teddy Bear ro Craig and Mark and Jim and Darbi, Emilie Blattman, Brian Howard, Greg to Zorro, Karen to John and Leslie, Cathy, Laurie to Craig, t.g.f.t. to Lauren, Ted Altenberg, Greg to Rick, Hazel to Jeff, Greg to Doug, Lady to D.A., Penny to Carol, Karen to Horton, Kris to Mark. What Are You Doing After Graduation? Biofeedback Monitor System: Aaron Brown, Geoff Gavett, Lynn Rubenistein, Gary Decker, Eryk Vershen, Amy Voorhees, Prescott B. Wintersteem, Jennifer Shaw. Starting a Local Group. Programs. Force Field Analysis: Individual Problem Solving. Life Planning. Joe Doodlebug. The Portrait Game. Listening Triad. Group on Group Feedback Experience. Is Your Local Group Really as Bad as it Seems. Intergenerational. The Dance We Do - An Intergenerational Worship Service. An Essay For All of Us from Caroline Fenderson, Winter REACH packet. Autonomy and the Advisor. IRF: What Does it Have to Do With Me? Youth Caucus. Had Any Action Lately? Fed's Ups & Downs. Stroke Economy. Poetry by Richard Terrass, Jo Ann Peters, Alexander Rath, Lady, Jheel Bheestile, Ted Merlehan, Hank Hennessy, Cathy Curney and Tami Wells. You Can Help Save LRY Or You Can Turn the Page.

Volume III, Issue 4, March 1976. 12 pages. Cover Art by Cardo Levins. Staff: Gary Decker, Daniel Pentlarge, Jennifer Shaw, Carlotta Woolcock. Personals. Biofeedback Monitor System: Beverly Treumann, Francis J. Spellman Jr., Lisa Holler. Book Revew by Jennifer S. Trashing the Stroke Economy, by Liv. Clearinghouse. Youth Caucus. Goddard Summer Programs. The Right to Choose. Fun(d)raising Take This Simple Test. Honest to God I'm Gay. Resolution Initiates Communication. LRY Winter Boards '75. Birth, Death and Affiliation. Poetry by Ted Merlehan, Penny Stauffer, Laurie Loebel, Tami Wells, Richard Terrass, Regina Wooden. Announcing The First Annual People Soup Contributions Experiment.

Volume III, Issue 5, April 1976. 16 pages. Cover Art by Bob Davis. Staff: Gay Veit, Susan Boon, Bob Davis, Gary Decker, Jennifer Shaw, Carlotta Woolcock. Personals. Youth Caucus. Are We Ever the Right Age? Biofeedback Monitor System: Liv, Jennifer, Valerie Merkel, Mary Broderson, Cathy C., Bob Davis. Fed's Ups & Downs. Summer Bored Meetings. LAF. LRY 1976 Summer Camps and Conferences Directory. Attitudes in Social CHange - Liv. Time to Get Out of LYR? Evergreen by Bill Cameron. Free Philip Allen. Are You a Good Consumer? PProgram? Program! Poetry by Stacey Lanford, Cyndi Johnson, Alyson Berry, Mel, Cathy, Roanna Holt. You Can Help L.R.Y. Grow.

Volume III, Issue 6, June 1976. 12 pages. Cover Art by Julie Voyce. Staff: Lou Diehl, Bev Hendricks, Carlotta Woolcock, Gary Decker, Jennifer Shaw. Art credits (illegible for the most part). Life at Boston City Hall or A Massachusetts Hippie in King Kevin's Court, by John G. Beebe. Personals. Biofeedback Monitor System: Cathy Carney, Ian, Melvin, Rober W. Campbell, Steve Glasgow. The Hot Debate; Should Sex Feel Good? Travel Guide. Black In On... LARC. Future Directions by Jennifer Shaw. Not a Tourist. To Be or Not to Be. Red's Ups & Downs. Words from Tom Hennis. Program? Program! Poetry by J.E.R., Caroline O., Beth Emon, Nancy Hickman. Sprouts by Gary Decker.

Volume III, Issue 7, July 1976. 24 pages. Cover Art by Blaine Raitell. Staff: Kim Maranell, Barb Stone, Shannon Custer, Lou Diehl, Carlotta Woolcock, Jennifer Shaw. Art Credits: Connie Maschan, Gai Veit, Maggie Dale, Ian Conway, Jenny Lane, Gary Decker, Carol Thornton, Barb Stone, Cardo Levins, Seth Deitch, Carthy Carney, Bev Hendricks, Cheryl Sanders, Cam, Olivia Holmes, James Finley, Nancy. Personals. Program LRY Packet. Biofeedback Monitor System: The Hobbitt, Dennis Dougherty, Karl Kharas, Bryan Jones. Virgins: The New Minority? What You Know. Youth Caucus, by Jennifer Shaw. SCOYP. Ithaca, NY. Ideas. Food for Thought, Thought for Food. Junk It, from Food for People Not for Profit. UFW. Bon Chemical Appetit reprinted from The New Republic. They Recycle Everything in China, reprinted from the Yew York Times. Packaging: The Costs Add Up. It's Your Choice. The Changing Face of Food Scarcity by Lester Brown and Erick Eckholm. from Food for People Not for Profit and By Bread Alone. Surplus Disposal, Written for the Self-Education Packet. Improving your School Lunch Program by Mary T. Goodwin. Recipes. Teeth. Sugar-Sweetened Propaganda 20 Times an Hour by Barbara Stone. The High Cost of Food Processing. Notice of Racism. The 'R' in IRF by Wayne Arnason. The Local Group Program. Ideas. Fieldtrip Report by Carlotta Woolcock. Fed's Ups & Downs. Poetry by Cyndi Joseph, Rita Tomkins, Nancy Hickan, Peter Tobin, Jennifer Lane. There's Gold in Them There Arches.

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