Common Ground II

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The Last Will and Testament of Liberal Religious Youth We the undersigned, being the last Board of Directors of Liberal Religious Youth, and also being of sound mind and body, do hereby leave the following assets of Liberal Religious Youth to Young Religious Unitarian Universalists:

The many hours of love, dedication, planning, and typing that I and many others have put into bringing locals together and opening communications on the continental level.

Wintergreen lifesavers-which show phosphorous sparks when crunched in the dark.

The freedom of expression and belief that has previously been fostered by the uniqueness and diversity of our liberal youth group.

The recognition and wariness of the hypocrisy within our denomination and the world around US.

The inalienable right to play ultimate frisbee.

Faith that youth in general can and will take responsibilities for their own bodies and emotions and will act with respect and discretion on the wishes of the community of youth.

The realization and education of the many forms of zen philosophy.

The LRY cheer ...

Star Island, Isle of Shoals, New Hampshire where the annual youth conference is to remain LRY because we are liberal religious, and youth. And where the sunset lasts for two hours.

I give Ronald Reagan's jock strap.

I give many coffeepots with continuous coffee supplies.

I leave all forms of pagen worship: howling at the moon, group ohms, and singing by starlight.

I leave all the miscellaneous papers and letters in the LRY files.

I leave warm fuzzies, frisbees, foofing, Joe Taco, Suzy Creamcheese, bad puns, the retardos, and love.

I leave love, respect for one another, a shoulder to cry on, dedicated advisors, and a dash of cosmic to hold it all together.

I leave from LRY the respect for an organization that for six years of my life has been the most important part of my life and which has taught me new love and respect which I may not have everlearned.

I leave my leather jacket and the life that was saved when I took this job. And yes, the love I have been given, I give to you.

I leave the happiness and clarity of mind and spirit that engulfs me when I am surrounded by the love and strivings for honesty that are the spirit of LRY. I also leave the members of the Taco family, including Joe Taco, Suzy Creamcheese, Kimba LePunque Taco, and the countless members of the Executive Committee who have served in the Halls of LRY since times faded in the memories and legends of this, the last of many, many generations who have been enfolded in the warm atmosphere, a love created both by tradition and by radical change.

We leave the people who I have worked with, played with, cried with, laughed with. The people

I have come in contact with in LRY will be in the new youth group to continue to be as wonderful as always.

The U.U. youth I have met who are not affiliated with LRY, they too are great people, and so I am optimistic for the future of the combined groups.

I leave a non-political Continental Youth Conference because we have received so much love and feelings of unity. We have met annually for almost 30 years and have benefitted from this experience.

I leave a newspaper through which we have had the opportunity to both be informed by youth and as youth express our own opinions. We had a voice of our own.

I leave, while we also keep, being we are all part of the new youth group, so, we share with the new youth group the love we have experienced and shared with each other throughout the years. signatures on Will:

Cassandra Faye Lentchner - Barney Federation
Paul M. Vail - Finance Director
Lisa M. Feldstein - Director of Extension and Assemblies
Rebecca Harris - Connecticut River Valley Federation
Philip Rogers - Director of Denominational Communications
James Bowers - Southern Appalachian Mountain Federation
Aurolyn Luyka - Sunco Federation
Andrea Dawson - Prairie Star
Rebecca Kovar - Director of Publications
Bekkah James - Pacific Southwest LRY
Katherine E. Titus - New Hampshire Vermont
Leslie Stanton - Starr King Federation


Translated from the original text document to HTML by Lorne Tyndale, YRUU Programmes Specialist September 1993 - August 1994. The document was on I have placed the document on this site as I've been notified that appears to be down.

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