Common Ground II

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Appendix A


(1) That all property of Liberal Religious Youth (Hereinafter "LRY," including all bequests, devices, gifts, and transfers of any kind heretofore made to it, shall vest in and may be received by the Unitarian Universalist Association (hereinafter "UUA"), and all bequests, devices, gifts, and transfers of any kind hereafter made to or for the benefit of said LRY shall vest in said UUA and said UUA shall have with respect to such property and with respect to such bequests, devices, gifts, and transfers, whether heretofore or hereafter made, the same powers, rights, and privileges as would have been possessed by said LRY had LRY not ceased operations, except that the use of such property by the UUA shall be restricted to the support of its youth program.

(2) That LRY shall cease its operations at midnight on December 31, 1982.

(3) That the officers, or any of them, of LRY are hereby respectively authorized to execute and deliver all instruments and to perform all such other acts as may be necessary or proper to carry out and implement this transfer of all the remaining assets of LRY.


WHEREAS: The Liberal Religious Youth Board of Directors has decided to turn over the assets of the corporation to the Unitarian Universalist Association, and,

WHEREAS: The Board of Directors has the power and obligation to put limitations on how those assets are to be used, and,

WHEREAS: Those limitations were decided at the Winter 1981-82 Board of Directors meeting in order of priority,

1. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the Common Ground youth organization be obligated to carry out these suggestions as they appear in order of priority. They are:

  • la. A non-political annual youth conference is to be held.
  • 1b.Leadership Development Conferences and/or Advisor Training Conferences are to be sponsored to perpetuate leadership.
  • 2. A newspaper directed at and written by youth to be distributed either quarterly or bimonthly.
  • 3. Registration for the International Religious Fellowship conference is to be paid for one person per year.
  • 4. Financial support is to be given to District fieldworkers so as to help decentralize the youth group.
  • 5. A $500 donation is to be sent annually to a social actions group (if legal) that the group-or appointed sector thereof-feels is worthwhile and relevant to modern liberal religious youth.
  • 6a. Registration is to be paid for one person to attend International Association for Religious Freedom every three years.
  • 6b. Create or support a slide show to promote the new youth group.
  • 7. College scholarship (not possible at this time; to be reviewed in five years).

(These limitations are to be reviewed in five years by an appointed body of people, three quarters of which are to be youth.)

2. THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED: That the use of funds from the LRY endowment be limited to 90% of the annual interest and that the remaining 10 or more percent be re-invested with the bulk of the endowment as part of the restricted funds.


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