People Soup Issues - Volume VIII thru X

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The hard work of scanning these issues and putting them in a convenient PDF format for the web was done by Ed Inman. Ed notes, As a matter of full disclosure, while my People Soup collection was about 90 percent complete in 1996 when I set about to archive it, it was only through the efforts of former LRY Tacos Paul Pigman and Kathryn Price Nicdhàna as well as 1996-97 YRUU YPS David Taylor that I was able to find several missing issues & make it complete.

All issues are in PDF format.

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All issues of People Soup are © copyright Liberal Religious Youth in the respective year of their issue

Volume VIII, Issue 1, December 1980. 12 pages. A Celebration of Life. Staff: Julienne Ferman, Amy Shapiro, Nan Warshaw, Bekah James, Kent Davis, Kathy Price, Richard Rule. Art Creditis: Rachel Bunker, Amy Shapiro, Mike Dean. Photography: Kathy Price, Ed Inman, Tom Bier. Cover: Julienne LePunque Farman. Amy LePunque Shapiro. Kathy Lepunque Price. Tom Bier. Thanks to Michelle, Ginger, Lissy and Ed. Celebrate, by Kathy Price. Personals. International Religious Fellowship. Summer Boards. Continental Conference. Focus: Bunny Bushwack. UU-UN Holds Seminar. 1981 Youth Seminar. Poetry by Shirley Cahayon, Virginia Irwin, Andrea Price, Rachel Bunker. Youth Day. Of Major Importance. Is No News Really Good News? Biofeedback Monitor System. Hit The Road, by Nan Warshaw. Clones From Outer Space Take Over LRY, by Amy.

Volume VIII, Issue 2, April 1981. 24 pages. Social Actions. Staff: Kathryn Price, Edior. Amy Shapiro, Laurie Roth, Michal Ann Sammons, Richard Terrass. Art Credits: Chris Brooks, Ryk McIntyre, Amy Shapiro, Mike Dea. Photography: Tom Bier, Andrew Diamond, Kathryn, Peter Ward. Cover, Ketih Knost. Thanks to Julie, Michelle, Laurie and Lissy. Obstructing the Sidewalk, The Adventures of 3 Draft Protesters, by Fred Peck. Personals. If Senate Bill 1722 Becomes Law, Which of These Federal Crimes Could You Be Charched With? Feds Urps and Durns. Who Are These People? What Can Your Mony Buy? So You're A War Objector. Biofeedback Monitor System. Aquarian Research Foundation. Common Ground Update. Big Brother is Watching, by Richard Terrass. Poetry by Becca Kovar, Leslie Katz, David Minor, Cyndi Hoseph, Ryk McIntyre, John Anzul. Paranoia. Important Issues of Hazardous Wastes, by Margie Augustine. Not Again? Pacification in El Salvador - The Vietnam Model. Still Kinda Paranoid. Questions for Young Men. Song of the Sea, by Richard Terrass. Boredz. El Salvador. Miscellaneous. Out Of The Corner Of My Eye I Can See It Clearly, by John Anzul. Recipes From the Kitchen of Joe Taco.

Volume VIII, Issue 3, July 1981. 12 pages. Staff: Amy Shaprio, Nan Warsha, Keith Knost, Ryk McIntyre, Jeff Edmonds, Lisa Feldstein, Princely, Trace De Haven, James Bohem, Mike Davis, Kathryn Price (Editor), Mary Melchlor, Kimba. Cover: Prince, Deith Knost. Graphics: Paul Borneo, Ursula Shea, Carlene Gardener. Sharing Stones With Prings. Personal. Dissertation of a Fool, by Michelle Walter. An LRY Conference as a Religious and Humanistic Experience. Biofeedback Monitor System. All Things Considered, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia, by Nan Warshaw. Fear and Loathing in the Philly Sheraton. Feds Ups and Downs. From the Soup Kitcehn: Reflections of a Conference Cook: Jane Betz. The Right to Bread: Loretta J. Williams. Living for the Dream, Dying for the Dream, the Fight for Irish Freedom, by Richard Terrass. Lady Rock, by Mike Davis. Poetry by Ryk McIntyre, Nan Warshaw, Rebecca Harris, Becca Kovar, Donna DeBiesse, Margo Hobbs, Pandora and Space.

Volume IX, Issue 1, 1981. 12 pages. Church. Why You Should Not be a Unitarian Universalist, by Rev. Dr. Tony Larsen. Personals. UU/UN Conference, by Rachel Bunker and Keith Patterson. Common Ground by Anne Gardiner. ConCon 1981 by Arnie Arnold. Biofeedback Monitor System. One WASP's Opinion is Not Necessarily That of the Episcopalian Management, by Donny Rickert. Can You Feel It, by Prince. What Is Our Mission, After All? Poetry by Guru, Belvedere, Andrew Sobel, Elf Woman. National Peace Academy. The 12 Days of Con-Con. Feds Ups and Downs. TACO Family Portrait: Becca, Phil and Paul.

Volume X, Issue 1, 1982. 16 pages. Moving Into the Real World. Staff: Rebecca R. Kovar, Editor. Leslie Stanton, Phil Rodgers, Van Schmidt, Ryk McIntyre, Janet Rosado, Meill Osgood, Austin Smith, Paul Vail. Photography by James Bohem, Tom Bier, and Leslie Stanton. Art credits: Ryk McIntyre, Leigh Bailey, Leslie Stanton, Lance Christian, Van Scmidt, Brian Oelberg, Doug Hewitt, Carney. Two Ways of a One-Way Mirror. Personals. The Un College Life by Paul Vail. Oh, Really? by Michael Davis. Wanted for Hire, James Hodges. Poetry by Judie White, Rick Terrass, Phil Rodgers, Stacy, Rob W. Campbell, Rebecca Kovar. The Pursuit of Happiness, by Casandra Lentchner. Feds Ups and Downs. Growing Radical in America. A Non-Conformist Comes of Age by Rick Terrass. Youth Caucus. Editorial: Be Serious. Bio-Feedback Monitor System. Guidelines for Survival, by Cat Carney and Gree Decker. On Becoming a Parent. Pursuing a Dream: LRY and Community. Having Taken the Road Less Travelled.

Volume X, Issue 2, 1982. 36 pages. Staff: Rebecca R. Kovar, Editor. Janet Rosado, Ryk McIntyre, Leslie Stanton, Phil Rodgers, Jule Creme, Bruce Gordon, Michael McGrath, Linda Lotto. Photography: James Bohem, Ursula Shea, Vonnie Hicks, Tom Bier, Leslie Stanton. Artists: Keith Knost, Cat Carney, Ryk McIntyre, Bruce Gordon, Leslie Stanton, Maggie Dule, Janet Rosado, Stephanie Bacon, Linda Lotto, Jim Bumgardner, Beverly Truman. Cover by Keith Knost and Linda Lotto. Personals. So Ya' Want to Run Away, by Melanie Toner. How To Make an Underground Newspaper. Rape by Jennifer Brett. You've Come a Long Way Crazy-Baby, by Sam Klein. Have You Ever Considered Suicide? Binding Myself Up by Liza Updike. The Price of Creativity by Stephen Woodbridge. There are Alternatives to Suicide. Let's Get Everyone Involved, by Ursula Shea. Making Yogurt. What God? by S. J. Hulley. Dialogue on Peace by Skot Davis. A Peacekeeper's View of the March and Rally June 12. On Civil Disobedience. June 12 Disarmament Rally. Defining Relationships by Doug Webb. Escalating Expectations. Poetry. Art by Bob Toren. Seeker and the Sage, by Jim Bumgardner. The History of Everything. One Nation, Invisible, by Jennifer Brett. Religions and Cults by Bob Rowell, LRY Was. Greenpeace by Cheryl Markoff. Abortion Rights. Just Cause. Spirituality as a Way of Life, Amber Ward. An Old Flame. Guidelines for Small Groups to Raise Consciousness About Living in the Nuclear Age. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists. What Can You Do. Common Ground Coming of Age. Model of Proposed UUA Youth Organization. A New Sonb by David B. Parke. The Torch is Passed, by David B. Parke. The Last Will and Testament of Liberal Religious Youth. Is Your Local Group Really as Bad as it Seems? A Menagerie of Quickies. Sensorium, by Deby Barges and PSLRY. Preparing for Massage. Feds Ups and Downs. Getting the Feel of Common Ground.

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