Common Ground II

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The structure for Young Religious Unitarian Universalists will be considered for approval by the UUA Board of Trustees in October 1982. However, the Youth Adult Committee felt that it was important for us to actually embody the new structure at Common Ground: Coming of Age.

Setting up the Interim Council immediately, and having it elect an Interim Steering Committee gave us a head start on the big job of making the transition to Y.R.U.U. complete.

Each District delegation elected a youth representative to serve on the Interim Council. The at-large delegates present from each age group elected a representative for the Interim Council as well.

Adults were nominated by District delegations and put up for an election by the entire Assembly. Thus the Council structure as shown in the diagram on page 19 was actually convened at the 1982 Youth Assembly. Mara Schoeny, YAC member and co-convener of the Assembly, chaired the Interim Council meeting.

The members of the 1982-83 Y.R.U.U. Interim Council are:

  • Adam Wilcox (Binghamton, NY)
  • Laila Ibrahim (Whittier, CA)
  • Mary Carter (Portland, ME)
  • Richie Dawkins (New York, NY)
  • Augene Nanning (Edmonton, AB, CAN.)
  • Teddy Bailey (Naples, FL)
  • Elisabeth Jas (Lexington, MA)
  • Tina Marie Payne (Princeton, MA)
  • Hank Pierce (Fairhaven, MA)
  • Ginny Sundell (West Linn, OR)
  • Marina Isetti (Louisville, KY)
  • Steve Scott (Wausau, WI)
  • Rebecca Harris (Andover, CT)
  • Neill Osgood (Kearsarge, NH)
  • Ann Gardiner (Philadelphia, PA)
  • Mark Halsted (Traverse City, MI)
  • Dana Taylor (Atlanta, GA)
  • Debby Shevlin (Denver, CO)
  • Marin Ritter (Cleveland Hts, OH)
  • Judy Smrha (W. C., CA)
  • Ben Ford (St. Paul, MN)
  • David Levine (Dallas, TX)
  • Mike Tague (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Dawn Johnson (Holden, MA)
  • Cappie Young (Encino, CA)
  • David Williams (San Jose, CA)
  • Lori Pederson (Marshfield, WI)
  • Lonnie Hicks (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Terry Campbell (Davis, CA)
  • George Terry (San Antonio, TX)
  • Jeff Workman (Wakefield, MA)
  • Connie Goodbread (Clearwater, FL)
  • Barbara Moore (Peoria, IL)
  • David Rufus Kaufman (Sea Cliff, NY)

The Interim Youth Council

The Council discussed their priorities for the program efforts of Y.R.U.U., and heard a budget report from UUA Youth Consultant Wayne Arnason.

Picture of Interim Steering Committee The Council elected the Interim Steering Committee for 1982-83, consisting of:

  • David Williams (San Jose, CA)
  • Laila Ibrahim (Whittier, CA)
  • Dawn Johnson (Holden, MA)
  • David Levine (Dallas, TX)
  • Mark Halsted (Traverse City, MI)
  • Vonnie Hicks (Winston-Salem, NC)
  • Lori Pederson (Marshfield, WI - UUA Board Rep.)
  • Nada Velimirovic (Williamstown, MA - REAC Rep.)

Beth Cox, Chair of the Continental YAC, and co-convener of the Assembly, chaired the Interim Steering Committee meeting.

Wayne Arnason and the two new youth staff (tentatively scheduled to be on board at the UUA by January 15, 1983) will also meet with the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee and the Continental Youth Adult Committee will meet together during 1982-83 to implement the final transition. Common Ground: Coming of Age has recommended that at that point, a YAC not be reappointed, and that the Y.R.U.U. structures take over all of the duties assigned to the Continental Youth Adult Committee prior to January 1, 1984.


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