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The facilitating and administrative staff were recruited and selected through the following process:

  1. Announcements regarding staff selection were made in the UU World, through district networks and newsletters, and by word of mouth. A job description was written (copy included) and sent to district leaders.

  2. Applications were received at the UUA, and selections were made by the Youth Assembly Planning Committee at the January, 1981, meeting in Dallas. All selections were unanimous. Selections were made with attention to capability in relation to the job description. Other criterion were discussed but were considered to be of secondary importance.

  3. Anne Heller and Wayne Arnason were authorized by the Planning Committee to fill staff positions in the event of cancellations. Several invited staff were forced to cancel and substitutions were made.

  4. The staff selected were invited to attend, and then advised of their responsibilities. Each staff member received all Common Ground mailings and a specially prepared staff packet in the spring of 1981.

Our final staff total was 30 people. This included twenty circle group facilitators (two less than our original estimate due to incomplete delegations from a few districts), three administrative staff (the Fair Witness, the Moderator, and the Bursar), the Planning Committee Members, and the UUA Consultant on Youth Programs.

Our Planning Committee was overwhelmed by the dedication, sensitivity, and competence of the Common Ground Staff. Each could be singled out for special praise for contributions above and beyond the call of duty. We owe them much.

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