YRUU A Five-Year Review of Programs for Youth 1989 - Appendix C

YRUU Five Year Review

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"Youth Behavioral Guidelines" (1982)

Appendix C

Policy regarding sexual behavior at youth conferences
That sexual intercourse and patently sexual behavior between participants under the age of eighteen be prohibited at UUA sponsored or financed youth events. This recommendation is prompted by the following considerations:
The UUA recognizes its responsibility to the parents of youth conference participants who are under a legal age of majority. We are also concerned that our youth conferences be as inclusive as possible. Although sexuality is something to be valued and developed in persons of all ages, the variance in readiness for sexual relationships among youth can make patently sexual activity at conferences awkward and difficult for all. Indeed patently sexual activity by participants of any age detracts from our goal of inclusiveness at conferences.

Policy regarding housing arrangements at conferences
That separate housing arrangements shall be provided for males and females under the age of eighteen or for others upon request, at all UUA sponsored or financed youth events. Adequate adult supervision shall be provided when this is not feasible.

Policy regarding the responsibilities of conference planning committees
That planning committees be responsible for making behavioral expectations clear to participants well in advance of the youth conference; and that planning committees determine the consequence of failure to abide by them.

Recommendation to Districts
That Districts be encouraged to grapple with these issues and develop their own appropriate guidelines.


Translated from the original text document to htm by Lorne Tyndale, YRUU Programmes Specialist September 1993 - August 1994. The document was on lryer.org. I have placed the document on this site as I've been notified that lryer.org appears to be down.

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