YRUU A Five-Year Review of Programs for Youth 1989 - Appendix B

YRUU Five Year Review

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YRUU 5 Year Review - VI - Appendix B - Current YRUU Bylaws

B. Current YRUU bylaws

The Bylaws Of Young Religious Unitarian Universalists

As Revised at the 1988 Youth Council Meeting, Tulsa, OK


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be Young Religious Unitarian Universalists. It is the successor to Liberal Religious Youth, Inc.



Section 1. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists shall serve its members for the purposes of fostering spiritual depth, creating a peaceful community on earth and peace within us, and clarifying both individual and universal religious values as part of our growth process. Our purposes are to provide and manifest a greater understanding of Unitarian Universal ' ism, and to encourage the flow of communication between youth and adults.

In so doing we shall nurture the freedom and integrity of the questioning mind, and embrace all persons of diverse backgrounds. We shall encourage the development of a spirit of independence and responsibility.

We shall strive to support our members and member groups with educational resources, with a communications network. and with love.

These purposes shall assist us in developing an effective system for social actions, and serve to raise our levels of mutual respect, communication, and community consciousness.

Section 2. The continental level of Young Religious Unitarian Universalists shall assist District and local member groups in fulfilling the purposes stated above.



Section 1. Members of Young Religious Universalists shall be youth 12 through 22 years of age.

Section 2. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists shall be clearly identified as an organization of the UUA. Affiliated groups on the district and local levels shall also be so identified. Affiliated members shall not be required to hold membership in UU societies, but shall be encouraged to participate in programs and activities at all levels of UUA organization.

Section 3. An adult as referred to in these Bylaws is defined as someone over the age of 22. Adults are not members of YRUU but function in advisory capacities within local YRUU groups and on the governing bodies of the district and continental levels. YRUU affirms the importance of a commitment to the ideals of Unitarian Universalism and of participation in its institutions on the part of adults functioning in advisor roles.


Annual Conference

Section 1. There shall be an annual conference of YRUU. This conference shall be held in the summer months at a time when schools are generally not in session. It shall be held at different locations around the continent from year to year.

Section 2. A General Meeting shall be held at the Annual Conference, open to all conference participants. The purpose of this meeting is to allow any participant in the conference to hear reports and ask questions of the organization's leadership.


Youth Council

Section 1. The governing body of YRUU shall be a Youth Council. The Council shall consist of:

a) one youth chosen by and representing the youth organization of each of the 23 districts of the UUA, with the exception of Mountain Desert District which shall have two representatives sharing one vote, with only one representative eligible to run for Steering Committee;

b) three at-large youth. Each youth shall be from and represent one age group defined as follows: junior high, ages 12-15, senior high, ages 15-18; post high, ages 18-22. During their terms, the youth at-large must remain within one month of the age group for which they were selected by the Steering Committee without being subject to approval of the UUA Board of Trustees;

c) eight adults appointed by the UUA Board of Trustees. They shall each be a member of a local UU society or the Church of the Larger Fellowship. One of these shall be a member of the UUA Board, and seven shall be appointed from the nominees submitted to the Board by the Steering Committee of YRUU;

d) the previous year's Steering Committee members who are not currently members in another capacity (including staff and the REAC representative), as non-voting members.

Section 2. Both youth and adults shall serve one full term of two years, with the exception of the at-large youth delegates who shall serve one year terms. Any District representative chosen to fill an unexpired term shall be eligible to serve his/her own full term. Two years after the expiration of his/her term of office, a delegate is eligible for another term.

Terms of office shall be staggered for youth representing their district youth organization, with half of them being brought on to the Council each year as follows:

Group A:
St. Lawrence, Pacific Southwest, Northeast, Connecticut Valley, Central Massachusetts, Mid-South, Florida, Pacific Northwest, Ohio Meadville, Mountain, Southwest.

Group B:
Michigan, Ohio Valley, Thomas Jefferson, Prairie Star, Western Canada, Pacific Central, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire/Vermont, Joseph Priestley, Metropolitan New York, Central Midwest, Ballou Channing, Desert: with group A starting in even years and group B in odd.

Vacancies due to resignation or inability to complete a ten-n shall be filled by the body that made the original appointment.

Section 3. The Youth Council shall meet at least once a year at a time and place designated by the Steering Committee .

A quorum shall be three-fifths of the members of the Youth Council.

Section 4. It shall be the responsibility of the Youth Council to review policy for the past year and to make decisions as to the priorities, budget recommendations, and direction of the youth programs of the UUA for the coming year.

The Youth Council shall elect five youth and one adult member to the Steering Committee from among its members.

Section 5. At each Youth Council meeting the Council shall vote on whether to approve the Moderator chosen by the Steering Committee. If the Youth Council does not approve the Moderator, a Moderator shall be elected from among the Council members.

Section 6. The Youth Council shall delegate responsibilities as it deems necessary.


Steering Committee

Section 1. The Steering Committee of YRUU shall be composed of I 1 members, as follows:

a) Five youth and one adult, with at least one youth representing each age group: Junior High, Senior High, and Post High.

b) One adult member of the UUA Board, appointed by the Board.

c) The youth member of the Religious Education Advisory Committee of the UUA.

d) The Youth Programs Director and Youth Programs Specialists of the UUA, with non-voting status.

Section 2. The terms of office on the Steering Committee shall be one year, except for members who serve on the Steering Committee by virtue of their offices. Members serving year long terms shall be limited to two consecutive terms.

Section 3. Meetings shall be held three or four times a year, with one of those meetings to be held at the Annual Conference.

Section 4. The Steering Committee shall be responsible for:

a) planning and implementing the Annual Conference and the agenda of the general meeting of YRUU.

b) implementing the priorities and programs set by the Youth Council.

c) receiving nominations from Districts and others for adult members of the Youth Council, and recommending its choices to the UUA Board for appointment.

d) nominating UUA youth staff to the UUA administration.

e) assuming the functions and responsibilities assigned to the UUA Youth Adult Committee prior to January 1, 1984.

f) choosing a Moderator for Youth Council.


Staff of the UUA Youth Office

Section 1. A full time Youth Programs Director shall serve the members of YRUU, as a member of the Religious Education Department with offices at the UUA headquarters.

Section 2. Two Youth Programs Specialists shall serve in an associate relationship with the Youth Programs Director. Their term of engagement shall be one year, with one staff person beginning his/ her year on September 1, and the second on January 1. They shall have the necessary office resources at UUA headquarters.

Section 3. All youth program staff shall be recommended by the Steering Committee to the UUA administration for appointment. Appropriate UUA staff members shall assist the Steering Committee in recommending youth program staff to the UUA administration for appointment.


Affiliated Youth Groups

Section 1. An organization of youth shall be created within each UUA District. Its structure, policies, and programs shall be determined by those youth and adults within the District selected to exercise this responsibility.

Section 2. It shall be the responsibility of the District organization to:

a) select its own leadership and provide for its succession;

b) encourage participation in the Annual Conference;

c) elect one youth and consider the nomination of adults to serve on the Youth Council; also to rill any vacancies that may occur during the term;

d) encourage communications and supportive relationships with other District bodies;

e) assist in the organization of and programming for local groups;

f) encourage the formation of local youth groups within each UU society to serve the needs of youth in that community.

It shall be the responsibility of the district youth organization to submit nominations for Adult and Age-Specific At-large delegates.

Section 3. Local youth groups shall be considered members of the District youth organization within whose boundaries they lie.



Section 1. Youth Council may adopt Rules not inconsistent with the Bylaws. Each Rule adopted by the youth council shall be preceded by a 'YC.' The Steering Committee may adopt Rules not inconsistent with Bylaws or any Rule by the Youth Council. The Steering Committee shall report any change in Rules to the Youth Council.



These Bylaws can be amended only upon approval by both Youth Council and the UUA Board of Trustees, according to the following process.

Section 1. A proposal to amend these Bylaws must be presented to Youth Council according to established agenda setting procedures.

Section 2. The proposed amendment becomes a pending amendment if passed by a two-thirds majority of Youth Council.

Section 3. In order to be adopted, the pending amendment must be approved by the UUA Board of Trustees and two-thirds majority of the subsequent Youth Council.

Section 4. If either the Board of Trustees or the Youth Council requires substantive changes to a pending amendment, then the amendment must be reconsidered by Youth Council as a new proposal.

Section 5. Pending Bylaw amendments must be published in the organization's publication 60 days in advance of the Council meeting at which they are to be considered for final approval; to be mailed to all Youth Council members. UU societies, District youth organizations, and individuals and groups on subscription mailing list.

Section 6. The UUA Board representative on the council shall be responsible for bringing pending amendments before the Board of Trustees.


Translated from the original text document to htm by Lorne Tyndale, YRUU Programmes Specialist September 1993 - August 1994. The document was on lryer.org. I have placed the document on this site as I've been notified that lryer.org appears to be down.

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