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In view of our findings on the essential need for adult involvement in youth programming, we urge the UUA Board to make this report widely available throughout our association.

Future Reviews

Our investigations into the recent history of UU youth movements reveals a pattern of roughly 15-year cycles in our youth organizations. Liberal Religious Youth was formed in 1953, then hit its peak in 1968-69, but met its demise in 1983. YRUU came into being in 1983 and reached a high point last year with the Youth Focus at the 1996 General Assembly, creating a momentum that we hope our report is well-timed to build on. In view of past patterns, we feel it would be prudent for future youth programming reviews to occur every seven to eight years to provide a sort of mid-cycle correction.

District Youth Programming Reviews

As a continentally appointed committee with limited resources, we were not able to give as much attention to the district and local levels as we would have liked. We also feel, however, that in many ways it is more appropriate for this level of evaluation to be undertaken by the individual districts. We therefore urge district boards to appoint their own Youth Programs Review Committees, comprised of youth and adults, to address the wide variation of youth programming quality and quantity that we have observed throughout the association. We call on these district review committees to thoroughly evaluate the level of youth leadership in the district, the degree of adult involvement, the adequacy of financial resources allocated by the district, the effectiveness of the district youth governing body, the level of youth representation on the district board, district committees and congregation boards, the needs of local congregations for launching or maintaining their youth group, the quality of youth offerings at camps, conferences and seminaries, and, most importantly, district level support and training of youth advisors.

If every district in our association were to fulfill this charge and act on its results, the Unitarian Universalist religious movement would be capable of developing a thorough and consistent youth ministry, grounded in love and respect, which before long could find itself unequaled among liberal religious movements.


  • Recommendation: That the UUA Board make the 1997 Youth Programs Review Committee report readily available to all parties who are named in its recommendations, in addition to UUA staff, including YRUU Youth Council, YRUU Steering Committee, district youth governing bodies, district presidents, district executives, UUA field staff, district religious education committees, the UU Ministers Association, the Liberal Religious Educators Association, the Starr King and Meadville-Lombard UU seminaries, the Young Adult Ministries Office, the Continental UU Young Adult Network, the General Assembly Planning Committee and, not least, youth and youth advisors; that the publication of this report be announced on UU-related on-line mailing lists with information on its availability; and that this report be distributed through UU web sites.
  • Recommendation: That the UUA Board appoint future continental youth programs review committees every seven to eight years.
  • Recommendation: That district boards appoint their own Youth Programs Review Committees, comprised of youth and adults, to evaluate and give recommendations on all aspects of the quality and quantity of youth programming within their district.

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