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Curriculum Footnotes

(1) Out-of-print curricula may be available for loan from individual congregations or district libraries. A plan for making out-of-print curricula available on line is to begin with the senior high spirituality curriculum On The Path. The UUA could obtain and grant permission to copy out-of-print materials when a decision has been made not to re-publish, or could make copies available itself through the UUA Bookstore at cost. For example, In Our Hands: A Peace and Social Justice Program, is currently available for Adults, Grades 1-3, Grades 4-6, and Senior High, while the Junior High segment is out-of-print. Given that there are no materials that come with this curriculum other than those contained in a 100-page book, it could be kept in print with a copier.

Some Out-of-Print or Otherwise Unlisted Resources:

Carry the Flame, Lori Berger McDermott (First Religious Society, Carlisle, MA 1993). A "self-paced, developmentally appropriate, and interactive curriculum developed in three levels" based on the seven principles of the UUA, not described in either Curriculum Mapping or The UUA Bookstore Catalog.

A Growing Up Year, Margaret K. Gooding (1988 revision), 26 sessions, 1 hour.

In Our Hands: A Peace and Social Justice Program, Junior High, Barry Andrews, Robert C. Branch, Virginia Lane, Harold Rosen (1990), 13 sessions, 1 hour. Note that this resource is available for four other age groups, but the Junior High version is out-of-print.

Life Journey, Caroline Fenderson (1988). "A year-long religious education program for early adolescents from ages 12-15" which "engages its participants in exploring the human life journey through all of its ages and stages."

(2) Publications and curricula available through the 1996-97 UUA Bookstore Catalog:

Youth Section: Race to Justice; From YACs to SACs; The Local Youth Group Program Handbook; Playing with Fire: Creative Conflict Resolution for Young Adults; Talk with Teens About Feelings, Family, Relationships and the Future; Beyond Pink and Blue; Messages in Music; Religion in Life: Boys; Religion in Life: Girls.

Youth curricula listed in other sections of the catalog: About Sexual Abuse: Program for Teens and Young Adults; In Our Hands: A Peace and Social Justice Program, Senior High; Life Issues for Teens (LIFT); On the Path: Spirituality for Youth and Adults; World Religions: A Year's Curriculum for Junior Youth, "Complete program no longer available. Leader guide for replacement copy only."

(3) Junior High resources from Curriculum Mapping:

About Your Sexuality, Deryck Calderwood (1983), 20-35 sessions, 1-2 hours.

Beyond Pink and Blue: Exploring our Stereotypes of Sexuality and Gender,
Tracey Robinson-Harris and Ritch C. Savin-Williams (1994), 12-18 sessions, 1-1.5 hours.

How Can I Know What to Believe?, Charlene Brotman and Barbara Marshman (Brotman-Marshfield, 1986, revision), 27 sessions, 1 hour.

How Others Worship, B. June Hutchinson (The UU Christian Fellowship, 1978) 21+ sessions, 1 hour, plus field trips.

Messages in Music: Unitarian Universalism for Junior High, Elizabeth May Strong (1993), 23 sessions, 1 to 1.25 hours

Race to Justice: A Racial Justice and Diversity Program for Junior High (1995), 15 sessions, 1 hour.

(4) Senior High resources from Curriculum Mapping:

About Sexual Abuse, Fred Ward and Betty Ward (1990), about 10 sessions, 1-1.5 hours (or weekend retreat).

In Our Hands: A Peace and Social Justice Program, Senior High (1990), 12 sessions, 1-1.25 hours.

Life Issues for Teens (LIFT), Wayne Arnason and Cheryl Markoff Powers (1985), 20 sessions, 2-2.5 hours (adaptable to more, shorter sessions).
On the Path, Wayne Arnason, Janet Harvey, David Levine, David Marshak, Makanah Morris, Christine Robinson, and Mara Lyn Schoeny (1989), 7-10 sessions, 2-3 hours, with longer events.

(5) Multi-Age resources from Curriculum Mapping:

Connecting with the Earth. Martha Nabatian (Canadian Unitarian Council, 1993), 4-8 sessions, 1-1.5 hours, and an intergenerational service. Canadian emphasis, materials for four groups: primary, junior, youth and adult.

We Believe: Learning and Living Our Unitarian Universalist Principles, Ann Fields and Joan Goodwin (1990), 22 sessions, 1 hour. "For children from 5 to 12, some parts accessible and interesting to preschool, junior-high, senior-high students andadults."

Worth and Dignity of All People, Marjorie Dunn (Paint Branch Unitarian Universalist Church, 1993), 5 sessions, 1-1.25 hours. Materials for four grade levels, including 7 & 8.

(6) Elementary curricula designed for middle school and adaptable to high school, described in Curriculum Mapping:

You the Creator, Richard S. Kimball (Green Timber Publications 1993), 37 sessions, 1 hour.

(7) Curriculum described in winter/spring 1997 REACH:

God Power, Mary Ann Moore (available from author), 15 sessions for 7th and 8th grades.

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