15 Year Review - Appendix A

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Testimony From Youth

When asked on our questionnaire "How has YRUU affected your life or that of someone you know?" youth had these things to say:

"I've met some amazing friends and learned a lot about myself at conferences, retreats and GA. The value of the experiences I've had is indescribable."

"I've made incredible friends, and I've really come to value my life as lived (or attempted to live) by the UU principles and purposes."

"Amazing spiritual realization, I have been able to get completely rejuvenated by attending YRUU events. I know people who have been saved at the cons."

"YRUU is my glue, my putty, it simply has made my life as a UU complete. Since I have joined YAC, the leader in me has come out and grown so much which has helped me more than I can say in this scary thing I call my life."

"The guidelines of UUism have changed my way of thinking and looking at things, in that it's taught me to be more open and accepting of others. YRUU has shown me that there are many people who have been affected the same way."

"YRUU conferences have helped me to express my individuality. The Leadership Development Conference built my confidence."

"YRUU has greatly affected my life. I think I would be a very different person if I wasn't in youth group."

"It has given me a more positive outlook in general. The people I have met give me hope and comfort."

"I've met amazing people and learned something about community."

"It has given focus and responsibility. It takes up a lot of my weekends, but is very enriching. Good Stuff!"

"YRUU has made my life really complete. Given me some more stability."

"Yes, definitely. It gave me and other youth the opportunity to develop leadership skills and do things for ourselves."

"AYS is great! Cons are great!"

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