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Volume 1, Issue 1, Fall 1983. 16 pages. IARF Youth in INDIA, The Not So Far East. Editors--Julie-Ann Silverman, Colin Bird, Wayne Arnason, Cappie Young, Jane Koestler, Vonnie Hicks, Dave Williams, Jane Park, Kevin Clark, Rebecca Kovar, Linda Lotto, Bob King, Dawn Johnson, Kathleen Anne Tague, Guru, Laura Allen, Stephanie Bacon, Illi Coe, the IARF INDIA participants, Peg Lewis. Photography by Vonnie Hicks and Wayne Arnnason. Art Director and Prod. Mgr., Luis Vargas. Asst Art Director and Prod. Mgr., Suzanne Morgan. Paste-up staff: Cig Bolduc. Introduction by Colin, Julie-Ann and Wayne Arnason. Phoenix in the Fire: The PDC Youth Council. Biofeedfack: From a Member of Common Underground - Why You Should Be a Unitarian Universalist. International Religious Fellowship Conference. IRF Conference Lives a Fantasy, by Peg Lewis. Social Action - Stop Nuclear War. UU Youth Conference at U.N. Headquarters. Editorial - What is YRUU. Announcing Youthwork Training Seminars. 11:55 P.M. by Linda Lotto. General Assembly Youth Caucus. Personals. District News. News from the Steering Committee. INDIA. My Longest Summer, by Stephanie Bacon. A Positive Future, by Linda Lotto. Expressions. Rose Lost Forever by Kathleen Anne Tague. Obituary for Kathleen Anne Tague and Memorials by Julie-Ann Silberman and Don Johnson. No Difference That Matters by Rebecca R. Kovar. The Changing of the Guard by Jane Koestler. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner by Caprice Young. YRUU's First Continental Conference Spirit Rising.

Volume 1, Issue 2, 1983. 12 pages. Don't Buy A Computer. So You Want A Computer. Post High Programs, Possible Directions, by Julie Ann Silberman. Biofeedback by Tym Simpson. Letters. Steering Committee News. Who Will Feel the Squeal, Lesley MacDonald. District News. Personals. Local Group Activity, by Lenore DeLu and Sally Redick. Hitting the Heritage Trail. Social Action. A Letter From Prison, Reilly Johnson. Seek: Service, Education, Empowerment, Knowledge. A Voice from El Salvador, by Lisa Sheehy. Seeing is Believing by Michael Davis. A Collage; in-complete, by Hanna McElroy. A Poem for Becca, by Kelly Marold. Rainmaker by J.C. Anzul. The Vale of the White Horse, by J. C. Anzul. The Guest by Ben Ford. Gracias Americana by Caprice Young. Welcome Aboard by David Williams.

Volume 1, Issue 3, 1983. 12 pages. Spirit Rising. Personals. First Impressions: The Subtle Ways I Tell You Who I Am. Introducing Mara Lyn Schoeny. YRUU Versus LRY or YRUU and LRY, Colin. Letters. New Blood, by Kevin Brooks Clark. Vancouver by Ben Ford. Report from the Youth Council. District News. What We Did On Our Summer Vacations. Lucy Booth Goes to Washington by Ben Ford. Evolution, Revolution, Dissolution, Resolution. Expressions. Introspection by Nome. Rhyme by Diane Cohen. Poem by Seth Nowak.

Volume 1, Issue 4, 1983. 12 pages. Personals. Ice Breakers. Hair, by Jamie Bowers. Biofeedback. Editorials. Youth/Adult Working Relationships: YRUU Week on Star Island, by Michael Davis and Kate Titus. Unitarian Univeralist Religion and Disarmament. Fourth Annual Unitarian Universalist Youth Conference on Disarmament at the United Nations, Conference Statement. Conference Rap. The Yeara in Review. Eric Kaminetzky, New Youth Staff Intern. How to Kill an Enterprise. How to Make Yourself Miserable. Oleander Loves by Mitchell Clute. Tigertrap by Teri. On The Side of the Angels, by Ryk McIntyre. Anna by Capp Young. No Vehicle May Deliver by Mitchell Clute. Tip-toe Thru Life by Ryk McIntyre. Prophecy by David Roskes. YRUU Advisor Creates Poster Campaign, Janet Jensen. Action Ideas. Alternatives to Imprisonment. Homophobia by Mara Lyn.

Volume II, Issue 1, 1984. 12 pages. Personals. Creating Delirium by Ellen Brandenburg. In Memoriam Valerye Jane Davey. New Youth Takes UUA by Farce, Caprice Young. Us Out of El Salvador, by Mike Davis. Editorial by Ellen Brandenburg. UU Peace Network Brings People Together To Bring Nations Together, Stephen M. Shick. Alternative to West Point Study Peace, by Bob Alpern. UU-United Nations Sponsors Youth Peace Talks, by Jim Olson. Conscientious Objectors: Those Who Believe War is Wrong. UU Imprisoned in Nigeria, by Caprice Young. Direct Action Will Block MX, by Bob Alpern. Body and Soul by Ann Wilkinson. Move the Spirit by Prince. Memoirs of an Aging LRYer by Rev. Judith Walker-Riggs. Reflections on the Death of a Friend, by Susan Aubrey. It Was Over, by Ben Ford. Essay on Spirituality, by Bill Schultz. Teenage Spirituality, by Sandra Mitchell Caron. Old Friends, by Tad Waddington. My Spirituality, by Hank Pierce. Savior by Candace Corrigan. A Soul Without Love. Untitled by Leila Mohajerin. Untitled by Kent Saleska. Untitled by July Siebecker. IRF 1985 From Barriers to Bridges, by Bob King and Darien Dew.

Volume II, Issue 2, 1984. 12 pages. Personals. Local Group Idea: Action Against Apartheid. Here's David, David Levine. LUUcy BUUth. Work Begins for Yams by Ellen Brandenberg. Letters to the Editor. The Ring of Truth, by Meg Wilson. Why Go to Church, by Laura Lee. You, Now-radically, Tad Waddington. Exploring Our Roots Time Line. Sexual Violence Everybody's Problem, Jane Park. An Opportunity to See For Yourself, Corrine Raferly. Dying for Peace, Daniel Gibson. YRUU: Finding Its Place at the UN, Ben Ford. Don't Just Complain: Act, Daniel Gibson. Poetry by Diane Miller, Sharon Kay Lutz, Tym Sympson, Geoff Bumbugh. Encountering the Philippines.

Volume II, Issue 3, 1984. 12 pages. Personals. Guest Weekends, Sue Hindorff. Youth Council '84 by Denise Thomson. Hi Y'all by Laila Ibrahim. District Reps. Interim Youth Consultant Named. YRUU in the Family and Vice Versa: The Gibby Experience. The YRUU Family: Trite but True Church Family? The Politics of Family by Kate Titus. International Association for Religious Freedom by Marianna Tubman. On the Threshold of a Dream. General Assembly. Micon '84. Momentum '84. YRUU Week on Starr Island by Hank Pierce. Summer's End Conference. SUUSI. Editorials. Sewing for Peace. May We Not Live By Our Fears But By Our Hopes. United Nations Tree Project. Cooking Good Conference Food: An Outline. In View from the Invisible Mom.

Volume III, Issue 1, 1985. 12 pages. Local Groups Idea: New Handbook Ready. Letters. A Week in the Cornfields by Sean O'Sullivan. After Con-con by Nicole Kosanks. So, What is the Con Con Thing? by Lisa. Caffeine, Caffeine Use and Caffeine Intoxication by Peggy McComb. Youth Council Participants 1985. Every District Was Represented at Youth Council This Year. The YRUU Structure. Youth Council Proclaims Year of Intergenerational Celebration. Youth Caucus Unites YRUUers at GA. Explaining Who We Are. Resources. Thinking About Our Future, by Candace Corrigan. Looking Out From the Mountain Top by Rev. John Eric Gibbons. What The Future Means to Me. Thinking About Peace by Kathryn Deal. Choosing Our Future as Young Adults by Cheryl Colehour. Living in a Nuclear Age by David Levine. UUs Advertise for Peace. UUSC Seeks to Empower Youth. Say Your Peace. The Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office Youth Delegation to the Soviet Union. Why I Chose Suicide What I Feel Now. Poetry.

Volume III, Issue 2, not available.

Volume III, Issue 2, if there is one, was not on the UUA site, and is not in the Wayback Machine archive.

Volume III, Issue 3, not available.

Volume III, Issue 3, if there is one, was not on the UUA site, and is not in the Wayback Machine archive.

Volume IV, Issue 1, 1986. 12 pages. Personals. Local Group Idea, Fundraising, by Beth Robinson. Oh, Wow, Here's Kathryn. STOP Nuclear War by Gita Panjabi. The Greening of the Trees by Lisa Feldstein. TheMilitary Offers One Thing That's Not Advertised. Peace College by David Levine. I Am A Viet Nam Vet. To Grow Together by Heather Elliott. CYLC in Dallas by Ellen Brandenburg. YAMS Update. Letter to the President. International Year of Peace. A Touch of Reality by Augene Nanning. Impressions of the Brigadistas. Nuclear Concern by Stefan Adler. Heat of the Battle. To Challenge Apartheid by Kathryn Deal. Youth Hope. 1985 Conference on Disarmament. Pro-Peace. Get Active. Dan Gibson Represents YRUU in the Great Peace March. Poetry by Charles V. Somervill, Quince Marcum, Jjly Siebecker, Marge Wurgel, Ryk McIntyre, Jennie Philips, Lorne, May Sarton. YRUU Participates in Nicaraguan Exchange by Caprice Young. Child Woman by Amy Rue. Nicaraguan History by Caprice Young.

Volume IV, Issue 2, 1986. 8 pages. Cover by Andrew Fearnside. Program Resources. Local Group Idea: Youth Adult "Fishbowl". LUUcy BUUth. Are You Age Wise? Us and Them by Candace Corrigan. Blessed Are the Children. Starr King School for the Ministry by Jac Ten Hove. Letters to Grandma by Cara Gallucci. Everyday I Grow by Kathryn Deal. Advisors are People Too by Jennie Phillips. Poetry by Elizabeth Anne Leonard, Eric Dacres, Karina Ackert, Wayne Nappe. Personals. Why Am I On The Great Peace March? by Dan Gibson. Creating a District Community by Margo Gross. Just Passing Through? by Ken Del Po.

Volume IV, Issue 3, 1986. 12 pages. Young Adult Network Ohio-Meadville Report. Hi! I'm Meg. Local Group Ideas: Games. Opus I Report by Kelly Frechette. A Letter on Con-Con. Wondervu: Opus I by Eric Kaminetzky. Dear YRUUers, Ann Hamar. International Religious Fellowship. Summer Events by Kathryn Deal. Conference at Last by Stephan Kimball. Take the Dare by Tad Waddington. Swimming by Candace Corrigan. Conforming to Nonconformity by Kathryn Deal. The Conversation by Cara Gallucci. The Color Blind Approach by Richie Dawkins. Introducing a New Code of Ethics by Ellen Brandenburg. Getting There -- Or Are We, Part 3 in a Series About the Great Peace March, by Dan Gibson. Poetry by Candace Corrigan, Becky Silva, Joy C. Brumbaugh, Tracy Stober, Joy C. Brumbaugh. Personals.

Volume V, Issue 1, 1987. 12 pages. Anima/Animus I Had to Do It, It Was a Matter of Conscience. Personals. Mountain Desert District Reorganizes, by Rachel Ozer. Censorship by Brian Parrish. The Great Peace March Part IV: Aftermath by Dan Gibson. Sex, Drugs and AIDS: A Video for Teens, by Ellen Brandenburg. Our Future at Stake A Practical, Inspiring Guide by Meg Wilson. A Report on Northeast Summer Conferences by Cass Kahn. Surprise, Gay People Are No Different by Andy Hommel. Membership in YRUU: A Case of Reverse Discrimination? Jr. High & Women: Then and Now, by Ellen Brandenburg. As Much of a Woman, by Jessica (Fadey) Kehl. What's Going on in Continental YRUU by Meg Wilson. Maine Success Story by Tirrell Kimball. A Creed to Stretch the Mind. Children Teach What Schools Can't by Tina Adkinson. Giving & Receiving Luck by Brian Parrish. Alterself by Tony Donaltelli. Poetry by Kerry-Beth Garvey, Wendy L. Bolton, Brian Parrish, Gilbert Bouchard, Cathie Domiano, July Siebecker, Jennie Philips, Karin Smith. Canadian Infiltration Discovered, Suzy Creamcheese. Letters to Luucy Buuth. Local Group Activities.

Volume V, Issue 2, 1987. 12 pages. The Faith of the Free Personals. Are You a UU Without Knowing What It Is? Mark Harris. IARF in the US of A, by Marianna Tubman. Cover art by Laura Somervill. Frolicking in Toronto by Ruth Mitland. Local Group Program Ideas: Doing It Yourself. Luucy Buuth Answers Your Mail. Letters. The Tension of a Liberal Tradition. The Prison Experience, How Lack of Freedom Affects Us, by Rev. Bob Thayer. Amnesty International by Jacqueline Alissa Pearce. Learning About Faith From Believing in the Unbelievable by July Siebecker. UCC: Free Faith, by Leslie Wilson. Blackbird by Naomi Leite. Slug: Little Brothers Feature by Brian Parrish. The Pugnewton by Paige Weber. Sunshine, Lovely Sunshine by Douglass Carver. Once Upon a Time In The Land of UUA by Rebecca Scott. Making of Synapse by the editors. Poetry by Eric Dacres, Michel Bouchard, Deborah Dixon, Brandi Martin, Brian Parrish, Paige Weber, J. Huyck, Karen Green, Ryk McIntyre. What's The Youth Office Good For, Anyway? by Ellen Brandenburg. Reasons To Be A Youth Advisor by Tommi Urbanski.

Volume VI, Issue 1, 1988. 12 pages. Staff: Leia Durland, Andrew Moeller, Ellen Brandenburg (Editors), Julie Geanakakis (Editorial Asst). Personals. Highlights from the Spring Steering Committee Meeting by Ann Tyndall. Thoughtless Kind by James Fitzgerald. Clowning Around by Sidney Wilde-Nugent. Sam Sauce by Maira Armen. Invasion of the Pink Flamingo. Humor on the Job by Ann Harner. Boing Up On Your Humour. Letters. Poetry by Rick Turner, Alison Melby, Chris Green, J. David G., Alison Melby, Becky Willson, Kathy Pinto, Susan Starr, J. Huyck. Silly Synapse Games. Law School by Eric Kaminetzky. Love Those YRUUers by Deane Starr. Of Hairy Legs and Happiness by Jeff Fry. A Dhurch Alive with Huumor by Anne Sontheimer.

Volume VI, Issue 2, 1988. 12 pages. Staff: Ellen Brandenburg, Leia Durland, Andrew Moeller. 20 Pfennigs for "Die Toilette" by Jennie Phillips. Is Spirituality a Source of Conflict, by Candace Corrigan. Peace Network Caravan, by Carol Powers. News From the Districts. Mid-South District Report by Pepi Acebo. Thomas Jefferson District Report by Heidi Johnson and Kate Matteson. How Honest Are You? Planning in a Youth Group -- Is it Possible? by Clark Olsen. From the Land of Blue Sky, Sunshine and Spurs, Leia. Eleven Fifty-Five P.M. (Plus Five) by Tony Donnatelli. Rock Without the Roll, by Graham Smith. A Look at Memories by Leia Durland. Best Friends by Dave Kroesser. A Tradition of Conscience by Andrew M. Moeller. Personals. Black History: Past Revelations, Present Situation, by Leia Durland. If You Knew Suusi, Like I Know Suusi. Poetry by Joy Christine, Natalie Hamm, Arianna Collins, David Sitko, A. Knapp, Carrie Stone, Nancy Hoffman, Don Davenport. Those Doggone Inhibitions by Zoltan Lazar.

Volume VII, Issue 1, 1989. 12 pages. Welcoming Youth Into The Church Staff: Meg Riley, Jason Happel, Anne Sontheimer, Julie Geanakakis. Cover art by Heather Wright. District News. Personals. Letters. YRUU Review Report Published by Eugene B. Navias. Meg Amelia Riley, New Youth Programs Director. New Youth Programs Specialist, Becky Scott. Look What We Found In The Files: Business Resolution on Youth Submitted by Unanimous Vote of the UU Youth Caucus and Passed by the 1978 General Assembly. Resolution on Welcoming Youth into the Church. Welcoming Youth: A Neat Idea, by Jason Happel. Welcoming Youth Into The Church: The "Coming of Age" Program, by Anne Sontheimer. Advisor's Page. Letting Go by Holly Jamison. Citizen Clout Counts by Bob Alpern. National Workshop on Social Justice a Smashing Success! Peace Child by Lucia Burns. The Green Party, by Julie Geanakakis. Poetry by Maggie Milne, J. Philips, Rebecca Sargent, Becky Hunt, Aphra Leach, Natalie Hamm, Chauna Brocht. Portrait of a YAC Meeting.

Volume VII, Issue 2, 1989. 12 pages. Roots and Wings: YRUUs History Traditions and Visions. Staff: Anne Sontheimer, Rebecca Scott, Meg Riley and Julie Geanakakis. Youth Council Votes to Change YRUUs Age Range. 1989 Youth Caucus at General Assembly by Kathleen Egan. Reflections on a Con-Con Unattended by Kira Koplos. Letters. Environmentally Aware Conference Planning by Jill C. Cabe. On Raising Your Pro-Choice Voice: Why You and Why Now, by Coleen Murphy. I Remember, by Laila Ibrahim. Roots and Branches: A Personal Planting with a 1940s Perspective, by Rev. Leon C. Hopper. by Rev. Roots and Traditions, The Ballast of History, Wayne Arnason. Passing the Flame, LRY Traditions, by Andy Hommel. A Past President's Point of View by Eugene Pickett. It's OK to Dream by Jeffrey Jamison. From the President, by Rev. William Schulz. Fun for Thought, by Valmeniscus. Sex Flash by Laura Somervill. The Art of Being a YRUU Advisor, by Susan Dermon. Ten Commandments for Junior High Advisors, by Meg Riley. Poetry by Jamey Montgomery, Jilkar, Laura Somervill, Jason Happel, Reed, Kira Koplos. Personals.

Volume VII, Issue 3, 1989. 12 pages. The World Is Our School - And We Fill the Classrooms. Staff: Ellen Brandenburg, Leia Durland, Jason Happel, Julie Geanakakis. Personals. In The Spirit of Air-Conditioning, by Jeff Jamison. Letters. Local Youth Group Programming Idea: Friends Wanted, by Jeff Jamison. What I Learned in The Soviet Union, by Ellen Brandenburg. America Discovers Columbus, Canada Discovers Diversity, by Loretta Williams. Learning From a Soldier?, by Tom Smith. Kidnapped in Pakistan, by Sasha Khokha. Education Toward Culture, by Jason Happel. Con-Con Theme Inspires a Music Video. Luucy Buuth. An Ideal Spring Vacation, by Adele O'Neill. The Destruction of Our Unitarian Heritage in Transylvania, by William F. Schultz. Shell-Shocked A Cut-Up Campaign, by Loretta Williams. Where Have All The Old Staff Gone? Poetry by Marcia Ochoa, Debi Gelfand, James Hetfield, Rachel Rodriguez.

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