LRY Record, Congress of the Crow, 1968

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The LRY Record was recorded at the 1968 Continental Conference at St. Johns College and released by Mike Smeltzer.

Bass -- Chris Rhodes (2-4)
Drums -- Geoff Gross (1-2, 1-6, 2-1, 2-3)
Guitar -- Chris Rhodes (1-1, 1-5, 1-6), Gayle Storm (2-2), Gorde MacFarlane (1-3, 2-4), Paul Fitzgerald (2-3), Steve Hardgrove (1-7, 2-5)
Harp -- Gorde Macfarlane (1-2)
Piano -- Buffy Wolfe (1-4), Mike O'Connor (1-2, 1-6, 2-1)
Vocals -- Buffy Wolfe (1-4), Chris Rhodes (1-1, 1-5, 1-6), Gayle Storm (2-2), Gorde Macfarlane (1-3, 2-4), Marc Bailin (1-7), Mike Smeltzer (1-7, 2-2)

Producer - Mike Smeltzer
Engineers - Greg Sweigert, Michael Jaret, Mike Smeltzer

Cover Design -- Philip Moseley

Timothy Chase, contributor of information on this album to Discogs includes in the Notes that "Benediction" was taken from a sermon given by Ken Friedman on August 22, 1968 at St. Johns College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

A posting by Jaye Beebe to the LRY YG states this album was cut at the 1968 Continental Conference at St. John's College. If you have additional information to contribute on this album, please send it along.

Additional information from the sleeve follows after the following tracks that are currently up on Youtube.

Track listing, Side 1:
1. Watercolors - C. Rhodes
2. Fantastic Incredible Micon - Gross, O'Connor, MacFarlane
3. Nuns of Carmelite - G. MacFarlane
4. Violet Grey - Buffy Wolfe
5. Raintimes - C. Rhodes
6. Hidden Microphone Jam - Sneaky technician
7. 6009 - S. Hardgrove

Track listing, Side 2:
1. Noisy Sunday Morning - M. O'Connor
2. Magic Paper Sound - M. Foster
3. Easy Scene Said - P. Fitzgerald
4. Accordion Man - G. MacFarlane
5. Benediction - K. Friedman, S. Hardgrove

Listen to the album at Grooveshark.

The album cover art was uploaded to Discogs by Timothy Chase.

The record sleeve adds the following dedication (not all the names were easy to read so if there are corrections that need to be made, let me know):

This record is dedicated to the following, who by their confidence and support, made it possible.

Greater Washington Area Federation
Central Midwest Federation
Eastern Canada Federation
North Starr Federation
Southwest Federation
Jersey Area Federation
Delaware Valley Federation
Metropolitan Area Federation
Ohio Valley Federation
North Shore Unitarian Society
Ralph of MVF
Shoreline LRY- Seattle
Ann Arbor LRY
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lipford
Mrs. Evelyn Osborn
Jay and Irene Smith
Orloff and Mary Jane Miller
Dick and Ginger Kossow
Bill and Ruth Sinkford
Pat and Sue Buie
Nancy and Scott Cleland
Carol Linda Bischoff
Jac B. ten Hove
Carol P. and Mark H.
Harold R. B. Huchinson
Rosanne Joy Pizazza
David Allen Hart
Dayton Clark Jr.
Curry Nimble and Larry Ladd
Klakes and Paul Chastain
Kenneth M. Funchess
Kathleen Ann Gilles
Marianne Krayenhoff
Steven Hildebran
Deidre L. Finney
Carl F. Dickson
Whitney cranshaw
Amy Delteaergaard
John Robertson
Scott Stutman
Bruce Barrett
D. Alexander Sterling
Debbie Mendelsohn
David Hoosaw
Jim Hoosaw
Liz Kuh
Laura West
Beverlie Connant
Susan Cogger
Helen Marsh
Kath Harris
Krank A. Chapman
Jane L. Miller
Sara Dean
Stephen Rabow
Karen Ellsworth
Deane Starr
Wayne Arnason
Peedie Parks
Laura Graser
Karen Liddell
Peter Ruth
Thomas F. Mufford
Frances Barringer
Anne Sheridan
Craig L. Cornell
Pete Swimmerton
Peter Colby
Don Schumacher
Kitti Watts
Liz Copeland
Hornie Neukon (or Nornie Neukon ?)
Bob Johns
Linnaea Marvell
Christopher Lagey
Dennis Wadsworth
Max Rossmassler
Milke Wollowitz
Pedro Botovchenco
Ann Hutchison
Lynn Aranella
Kevin Collins
Vicki Neale
Peter Baldwin
Maggie Fate
Barbara Tunick
Alice K. Loftin
Kathy Kalick
Peter Hunt
Susan Rippey
Dell Weaver
Jan Rieman
Di Bailey
Hugh Nicoll
Ginger Bure (?)
Kurt Albach
Linda K. Schild
John C. Hayes
Brenda Brand
Jeannie Grover
Susie Bowman
Molly Monohan
Alice Jacobsen
Helen Speicher
Cindy Thompson
Ann Runyan
Sandi Whidden
Cuneyd Tolek
W. Mitch Pingel
James L. Stoll
Martha Senn
John Melnrath (?)
John Cowtan
Abby Bradski
Sue Epsey
Craig Stempf
Laina Lunde
Arthur Thexton
Dave Bryce
Steve Wolcott
Ann Redding
Jay Lundelius
David Oshin
David King
Tony WIinko
Prene Koch
John Greenis
LauRay Furie
Christie Bennett
John Bower
Susan Tanaka
Mimi Polk
Carole Erslev
Mari Pennington
Debbie Carson
John Fritz
Jack Romanowiz
Wendy Wallace
Timothy Peters
Brian Hordwall
Marianne Jensen
Patrice LaBelle
Carol Selfridge
Tom Atchison
Rachel Cain
Kenneth J. Scott
Brian Rodgers
Daniel Crown
Barbara Lutes
Mary Campbell
Mark Parshall
Katie Henderson
Mike O'Connor
Dan Tanaka
Eric Forsberg
Peggie Wilkie
George Dullard
Christopher Rhodes
Chris Senti
Chris Lauterbach
Karen Walls
Doug Browning
Paul McCoo
Lisa Lundelius
Beth Huggins
Peter W. Hankin
Jon Angel
Karen Langer
Lynn Laidlaw
Greg Sweigert
Edwin Blythe Jr.
Bill Torcaso
Chris Sewall
Cindy Newcomb
Billy Bikales
Anne Arnold
Michele Montague
Liz Breitbart
Ron Cook
Tom Hobbs
Kathy Booth
Pat Musick
Brian Calvert
Burt Cohen
Chris Artman
Buffy Wolfe
Jule Kagan
Connie Burgess
Pete Ross
Kevin Gillan
Jay Beebe
Cyn Drabeck
Paul Kaza
Willen deVries
Janet Chandler
Gretchen Young
Len Beyea
Khati Hendry
Nellie Schroder
Karl Moseley
Paul Collier
Peggy Allin
Robbie Isaacs
Jo Vician
Mike Smeltzer
J. Eric Gibbons
Nick Smith
Tobi Rosenstein
Bunny Johnson
Mindy Plummer
John Viste
Bob Grey
Tanny Ely
Judy Chichester
William A. Crowle
Christopher Rhodes

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