YRUU A Five-Year Review of Programs for Youth 1989 - Appendix H

YRUU Five Year Review

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Glossary of terms and abbreviations

Appendix H.

  • AYS. About Your Sexuality. A popular curriculum for junior highers, first published in 1971.

  • CAC. Conference Affairs Committee. The usual name for the committee in charge of behavior problems at a YRUU conference.

  • ConCon. Continental Conference. The annual summer conference of YRUU, held immediately after the Youth Council meeting.

  • Common Ground. The two conferences held at Carleton College in 1981 and Bowdoin College in 1982. The term is also sometimes used to describe the spirit of those conferences or the principles of youth-adult cooperation articulated there.

  • DE. District Executive. A staff member jointly supported by the UUA and the district to represent the UUA and serve congregations.

  • DRE. Director of Religious Education. This term is generally used for the person in charge of a religious education program in a congregation. Compare MRE below.

  • GA. UUA General Assembly. The annual meeting of the UU congregations in Canada and the United States.

  • LIFT. Life Issues for Teenagers. A curriculum published by the UUA for high-school groups.

  • LRY. Liberal Religious Youth. YRUU's predecessor, which was founded when the Unitarian and Universalist youth movements merged in 1954.

  • MRE. Minister of Religious Education. A fully credentialed minister whose specialty is religious education for children and adults, as differentiated from the parish minister, whose specialty is typically preaching. There is much overlap and some confusion about these two roles.

  • REAC. Religious Education Advisory Committee. A presidential committee that meets annually to advise the UUA president and the Department of Religious Education.

  • REACH packet. The acronym stands for Religious Education Action Clearing House. The packet is for religious education leaders; at least one goes to every congregation.

  • SCOYP. Special Committee on Youth Programs. A committee appointed by the UUA Board of Trustees which evaluated UU youth programs in 1976-77.

  • YAC. Youth-Adult Committee. This is the most common name for the committee in charge of district YRUU programs. Typically the adults are appointed by the district board, and the youth are elected by the youth in the district. This term is also used at the local and was formerly used at the continental level.

  • YRUU. Young Religious Unitarian Universalists. Organization formed at the 1982 Common Ground conference. and officially incorporated in 1982.


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