YRUU A Five-Year Review of Programs for Youth 1989 - Appendix F

YRUU Five Year Review

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Curriculum and Program Materials for Unitarian Universalist Youth

January 15, 1989
Appendix F.
1. Junior-High Programs And Resources

Life Journey by Caroline Fenderson. a year-long program on ages and stages of life. UUA, December 1988.

A Growing-Up Year by Margaret K. Gooding. A year-long program on finding religious meanings. UUA, June 1988.

World Religions by Robertson, Donn, Alcott, Middleton and Moore. A year-long curriculum explores major religious traditions of the world. UUA, 1987.

About Your Sexuality by Deryck Calderwood. Year long multi-media kit program. UUA, 1983 Revision.

AIDS: A Supplement to About Your Sexuality by Ellen Brandenburg and Orloff Miller. A guide to adding AIDS education to the AYS Kit. UUA, December 1988.

How Can I Know What To Believe? 1986 Revision by Charlene Brotman. Full-year program. Brotman-Marshfield.

How Others Worship by June Hutchinson. UU Christian Fellowship.

Transition Programs and Resource Materials for use with young adolescents, edited by Ellen Brandenburg, a packet of coming-of-age program materials, sold by the UU Youth Office.

Religion In Life Self-study program about UUism for junior high boys and girls. Suitable for scout emblem program and also for non-scouts. UUA, 1981.

Peace Experiments by Terry Hermsen. Fivesession multi-generational program includes Junior High track. Published by the UU Peace Network, 1985.

Bright Legacy: The Story of Lewis Howard Latimer, a video program for ages 10 years to adult on the life of a black Unitarian inventor, artist and early pioneer in electrical engineering. UUA, 1988.

AIDS Packet, edited by Eugene B. Navias, guidelines and materials for children, youth, and adult programs about AIDS. Revision 1988.

II. Junior-High Programs In Development

Unitarian Universalist Catechism by Tony Larsen. an intergenerational program in the Lifespan Series. UUA.

Living With Fundamentalism by Jean Rickard and Burton Carley. Lifespan Series Adult program with a youth component. UUA.

Gender Identity and Gender Roles. Junior-high program.

Racial Justice Junior-high program. (Field test, 1989.)

Unitarian Universalism Junior-high program

III. Senior-High Programs and Resources

On The Path. Spirituality for Youth And Adults by Arnason, Harvey, Levine, Marshak, Morris, Robinson and Schoeny. 10 sessions. UUA, 1988.

Life Issues For Teenagers by Wayne Arnason, Cheryl Markoff Powers, et al. Twenty session structured program. UUA, 1985.

How Open The Door? The Afro-American Experience in Unitarian Universalism Mark Morrison-Reed. This eight-session program that includes a video looks at the past, present and future. An adult program appropriate for older youth. UUA, 1989.

Peace Experiments (see above) includes senior-high track.

Bright Legacy: See junior-high listing.

IV. Senior-High Programs In Development

Under One Sky senior-high program. UUA.

"A Unitarian Universalist Catechism" by Tony Larsen, an intergenerational program in the Lifespan Series. UUA.

"Racial Justice" senior-high program. UUA. (Field test, January 1990)

"Living With Fundamentalism " by Jean Rickard and Burton Carley. Lifespan Series program for adults and teens. UUA.

"Heritages from Judaism and Christianity" senior-high program. UUA.

Holocaust senior-high program. UUA.

V. Youth Group Program and Leadership Guides

The Local Youth Group Handbook by Arnason, Schoeny and Young. Practical suggestions for leaders and members of groups.

The Youth Advisors Handbook edited by Wayne Arnason. A Guide to theory and practice - written for advisors by advisors.

VI. Leadership Guides In Development

The Conference Planning Handbook by Durland, Happel, Deal, Wilson, et al. Practical suggestions for youth conference planners.

VII. Youth Publications

Synapse the YRUU newspaper, published three times a year, sent free to subscribers. From the Youth Office.

Spider a newsletter sent periodically to Youth Council representatives by the Youth Office Specialists.

UUA Youth Advisory a newsletter for youth advisors, published three times a year.

A list of Youth Program Resources and a Bibliography for Youth Workers are available on request from the UUA Youth Office.


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